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Signs And Symptons Of Plechner Disease

Good Health for Your Dogs

Being a dog-love must not only mean having or taking care of as much dogs as you can, but also to take into consideration the needs and necessities of your beloved pet. Your dogs are not just pets but they are considered man’s best friend too. Having this in mind, it must not be unusual to see people taking care of their dogs like a family member.

Your dogs have basic needs too. They also need to be fed and have shelter. They also need the attention when they are sick or if they are not feeling well. Dogs can also get lonely and can acquire diseases and get ill because of sadness or stresses. These aspects in dogs, and other pets, must be taken into account if you are planning to raise a dog.

The Plechner’s Syndrome

Like people, dogs get sick too. Your beloved canines can also acquire diseases and infections as well. Good health is not something automatic in your pets. Since your dogs can’t take care of their health themselves, they need you—as their friend—to help them maintain a good health. Dogs that healthy can make you feel relaxed as they can be your company during times when no one wants to be with you.

One of the diseases that can give your dog troubles is the Plechner syndrome. Plechner’s syndrome is also known as an atypical cortisol imbalance syndrome. This syndrome involves the inner layer adrenal cortex; this is where estrogen and androgen are produced.

This disease happens when the genetic predisposition, toxins in the environment, or aging has damaged the middle layer adrenal cortex. The damage of the middle layer adrenal cortex reduces the active cortisol which will result to the elevated produce of estrogen by the inner layer adrenal cortex. There might still be some cortisol present but they can be defective. One of the effects of this plechner syndrome is with the immune system; it loses recognition of its own tissue and just attack the host itself.

Commercially Bought Dog Food And Plechner’s Syndrome

It is believed that one of the major causes of this plechner disease is the food that people are feeding their dogs. Because of the ways dog food manufacturers are creating their products, the immune system and the total health of the dogs are compromised.

Those manufacturers who are using preservatives to extend the shelf life of their food products are mostly using preservatives that are being banned in human food production. The preservatives that have been banned to be included in human food because they were found to cause kidney cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia, liver dysfunction and behavior problems are found in most dog food products nowadays.

Save Your Dog From Diseases

This is indeed alarming since most of the people who have dogs feed them with commercial dog food found in pet stores and groceries. This invites diseases like plechner syndrome to attack your dog.

You can start protecting your dog by not using commercial dog food as your main source of food for your dog. If you had to use commercial dog food, learn to read the labels.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 04/02/2012
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