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What Are The Causes Of Allergic Diseases

Hereditary or by nature

When a person’s immune system is low, that person is prone to allergic diseases. Allergic diseases is not restricted to any ages whether an infant, adults, or oldies. A baby has a tendency of allergic to cow’s milk, foods with soya content or anything with legume content. A persons’ allergies may also come from the history of the family, whether from him mom, dad, or both parents. There are some causes of allergic diseases that are common to United States, such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever), food allergy, and atopic dermatitis (eczema). Everyone can have allergic diseases caused by environmental reaction or man-made due to pollutions.

Some allergic disease you are unaware

In a household who just brought a cat or a dog at home may cause simple allergic reaction such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing and itching. These causes depend on how a person’s body would react. Antigens are particles like pollen or food that enters our body through a variety of ways. When an antigen caused an allergic reaction, that particle is called allergen. Allergens are substances that cause allergic disease to people. Allergen can enter to our body if:

• inhaled into the nose and the lungs, which includes dust, dust mite, and mold spores;
• Ingested by mouth, usually eating seafood, nuts and soya;
• through injection, when a person has allergy to a certain drugs or medicine.

Common causes of allergic reaction

When a person inhales a dust, the cause of allergic disease can be sneezing or coughing. When a person ingested any particles into his mouth, the cause of the allergic disease can be skin disease, rushes or hives, and or eczema (a skin inflammation). When a person has been injected by any drugs or medicine, the causes of it might be eczema or chronic rhinitis.

Despite the knowledge of a certain person to his allergies, allergic diseases can still harm a person in his daily routines. Example of which is when a person applies make-up, which has an ingredients or content prohibited to him, it might result to eye allergy, asthma, or irritation. When a person eaten any food that has soya content, the person might have eczema, asthma and even to a point of breathlessness that leads to be fatal.

In case of emergency

These are just some causes of allergic diseases that a person might have or has been inherent from persons’ genes. Symptoms and causes of allergic diseases depends on how many intakes a person had, a person’s immune system, working environment and even hereditary. When allergic diseases strikes, you should know the first-aid or thing to do such as drinking of medicine or using eye droppers (as per doctors’ prescription), washing the parts of the body infected (if applied by scrubbing such as cream, make-up or hair color) before going to the hospital if the cause of allergic reaction is fatal.

People with allergies can still live a healthy and active life style; all you have to do is be extra careful in doing things, using things or food intake to avoid emergency and causes of allergic diseases. Achu! (sneeze) Excuse me!

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 02/08/2012
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