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Luxury Vacations To London - Vacations To Remember

Published at 07/16/2011 15:06:10

 ‘London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling done...’ Rings a bell? Yes! London remains the most favoured vacation spot by tourists from all across the globe. Not because of the famous nursery rhyme that we all still enjoy humming but because of the sheer truth that London provides the luxury and pampering that visitors want to experience when they are away from home on a vacation. There is a lot to see all around London, pinned with unforgettable spots serving not only historical desires but also contemporary ones, nearly situated at every corner. Usually, the London sightseeing must be planned depending on your length of stay as there is so much to see on the London vacation and one always falls short of time! But no matter how short or long your trip is, you will have a London vacation that will be unforgettable!

 The first thing that rushes to your mind when you hear the term ‘London vacation’ are the sparkling red double decker buses (the same ones that you have seen in children books.) And you are right because the first thing one must do is to, without a second thought, hop on to one of these London Sightseeing bus tours. This tour will not only include the main sights but will also give you a sense of bearing and you are bound to come across something that you had forgotten to plan. Now that we are talking about moving around London, there are always other options like the famous underground tubes. Figuring out the tube train system is all a part of the London vacation fun! And don’t forget that you can always make use of the Oyster card that is very cost effective. You cannot even think of missing out on the London theatre. You really want to experience the theatre that is the true spirit of London in a musical style. Make sure you plan a theatre show on a night after which you can continue with your good night out. You can think of not experiencing the night life in London. Clubs, pubs, restaurants will spoil your choice! You will be craving to come back for one of these nights when you are towards the end of your London vacation.

 The famous Oxford Street tends to put you under a spell! You can actually go shop till you drop! This is without a doubt, England’s most famous shopping street. Feel free to take breaks from the shopping at one of the pubs for tasty ale. You definitely want to devote an entire day to the museum and art life around London. Madame Tussauds is a major tourist attraction. Get ready to click pictures with your famous, almost real, wax celebrity models. Then be amazed by the London Bridge over River Thames that connects the city of London and Southwark in central London. Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in central London. It is indeed a must visit. You can not miss out on the Alton Towers resort. The Theme and Water Park is bound to give you one wacky memorable visit on your London vacation.

Tips and comments:

 When you are visiting London, keep in mind that there is a lot to see and you do not want to miss out on anything! Words literally fall short when it comes to talking about a wonderful London vacation. Don't forget the London dungeon, Thorpe Park, the British Museum and the renowned Big Ben. Remember to charge up your own batteries and carry spare ones for your camera, because it is going to be one unforgettable London vacation.