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Buying cars for parts is a great way to save money if you are needing several parts. You can often buy junk cars that have been wrecked, but still have working parts that are usable. The best way to begin your search for these cars is to determine your needs. A casual buyer can easily find inexpensive, junked cars, but it takes a sharp eye to know what has value and what does not. There is nothing worse than purchasing a vehicle for parts to find that none of the parts are even usable.

Step 1

Checking your local junkyards is the best way to find cars for parts. You can literally find hundreds of cars on one lot without a lot of trouble. It is important to thoroughly check each vehicle before you do decide to purchase to be sure that engine or other parts that you need are in good working order. Since you will be unable to run or drive the vehicle, this takes skill in knowing what to look for so that you avoid buying a lemon that will only sit in your yard and collect dust.

Step 2

Check with auto wholesale shops. Many of these shops and auctions do auction wrecked cars. Some of these cars might be fairly new and in perfect working order other than their body. This can be a great way to purchase parts for cars at a greatly reduced price. It is important to check with your wholesale or auction house to be sure of the rules and what their policies are so that you don't go in to bid or buy without knowing the process and how to purchase what you need. All companies operate in different manners so it is important that you check this before buying.

Step 3

Another great source is your local towing company. Many towing companies get wrecked cars that no one comes to claim because they either don't have a way to get the vehicle or they don't have the money. Often these towing companies will sell you these wrecked cars for a very low amount just so that they can get rid of the vehicle off of their lot. This helps them and it helps you. Check with your local towing guy and he might just have a deal on a wrecked car that can help you with your auto parts needs.

Step 4

Scouring the Internet can be great for finding cars for parts. Auction sites like Ebay often have wrecked vehicles for sale at drastically low prices. You can also check Craigslist and do searches for wrecked cars. Sometimes you can even get lucky and find a person who just wants the wreck towed away and they will give it to you free. This can be a great way to get cars for parts if you have a method of towing the vehicle away.

Step 5

Your local newspaper can also be a great source for information on cars for parts. Don't be afraid to place ads in your paper also. This can be a great way to let people know you are in the market of buying wrecked vehicles for parts and you can often drum up quite a bit of business very quickly. Just be mindful of private sales to be sure that you are not ripped off.


  • Check junkyards for cars!
  • Check your local paper!
  • Search online!
  • Place ads!

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