Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 1 June 2011

HowToHint, Inc. (also referred to as ‘We’ or ‘Our’ or ‘Us’) is the owner, operator and manager of (also referred to as ‘Website’). We are committed to protecting the users’ (also referred to as ‘You’ or ‘Your’) online privacy. It is our endeavor to make Your visit to this Website as safe and secure as technically and administratively possible. To put Our commitment in black and white, We have devised this Privacy Policy (also referred to as ‘Policy’) to inform You about the kind of information We collect; and how We use, protect, and disclose such information. By using any of the features/services offered on this Website, You expressly consent to Our collection, retention, use, disclosure, and protection of Your personal and non-personal information in accordance with this Policy.

This Policy is applicable only to the information We collect through this Website and not to any other information We might gather from other sources. This Policy is part of, and incorporated by reference into, the Terms of Use (also referred to as ‘Terms’).



1. Personally Identifiable Information – Collection and Use

The use of some features of this Website requires You to register on the Website by submitting an online application form. Through this application form, We collect some personally identifiable information. Additionally, We also collect some personally identifiable information at different stages and at different times of Your use of this Website. This personally identifiable information may include, without limitation, Your name, , phone number, address, e-mail address, PayPal ID, Social Security Number, etc. While collecting such personally identifiable information from the users, We take great care and exercise due diligence by collecting only as much information as is absolutely vital to provide You with efficient and timely services that fulfill all legal obligations. All such personally identifiable information is kept confidential and never shared with, or sold to, or traded with, any third party without Your express consent.

Some of the instances when We collect personally identifiable information from You include:

· Filling Application Form; or

· While making a purchase through Our secure servers; or

· While subscribing to our different products and/or features, like newsletter, etc.; or

· While completing an online form to request information about Our products and/or services; or

· While registering for Our seminars, forums, contests, sweepstakes, and online chats.

Some of the uses of the personally identifiable information so collected by Our Website include:

· To process Your application to contribute to the Website;

· To verify the accuracy of the information submitted in the application process;

· To allow access to special features/services reserved for Our registered members; or

· To provide the information requested; or

· To register for Our seminars, forums, contests, and online chats; or

· To contact when requested; or

· To provide the information to the third parties (if they are engaged), under Confidentiality Agreement, in order to effectively conduct seminars, etc.; or

· To provide such information to Our affiliates and partners (if any) under Confidentiality Agreement so that they may provide You with offers and information about products or services You might be interested in; or

· To pay You electronically and prepare all the necessary tax documentation; or

· To investigate and ensure compliance with the Terms and any other contract to which You and Us are party; or

· To promote and market the contributions You submit to Us including giving a byline to Your contributions and publicly display such contributions on the Internet

You can opt-out of the mailing list by deselecting the box asking You to join the email list, after logging in Your account. Alternatively, We also provide “Unsubscribe” link, in every email, which can be clicked if You don’t want to receive such communication from the Website. However, We reserve the right to send important communications via email even if You have opted-out of Our mailing list in case We, in Our sole discretion, determine that You must be informed of such information.



2. Non-Personally Identifiable Information – Collection and Use

We also collect some non-personally identifiable information when You visit different pages of this Website. Such non-personally identifiable information may include the type of browser You used to access this Website, the operating system(s) installed on Your computer system, Your Internet Protocol (IP) Address, IP address of Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), etc. This non-personally identifiable information is used to improve the layout and content of this Website, provide You with targeted advertisements, analyze the Website-usage, avoid re-login every time You visit different pages of this Website after logging in once, and enhance Your overall browsing experience of this Website. All such non-personally identifiable information is kept confidential and never shared with, or sold to, any third party.

3. Cookies, Pixel Tags, and Web Beacons

We use cookies to collect the aforementioned non-personally identifiable information. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the hard drive of Your computer system by a Web page server. Our cookies do not, in any way, compromise on Your online privacy or damage Your computer system in any manner whatsoever. You can refuse to accept the cookies by managing Your Browser options. However, for efficient use of this Website, We strongly advise against refusing the cookies deposited by this Website. Cookies may also be used by the advertisers on this Website. We do not control the cookies deposited by such third-party advertisers. Thus, You click the third-party advertisements at Your own sole risk.

We use Pixel Tags in Our emails in order to understand whether You email service provider is compatible with HTML-formatted emails.

We may also use Web Beacons (clear GIF files) in our emails in order to determine whether You have read and acted upon such email.

4. Information Retention

We reserve the right to retain all, or part of, the information so collected from this Website for as long as We are required or allowed by law. We may dispose of the information so collected once the statutory period of information retention is expired. We advise You to keep Your own, separate back-up records.

5. Information Security and Protection

We accord maximum priority to the security of all the data We collect from You. In order to protect Your data, We use latest and most secure technologies prevalent in the industry. We also deploy certain physical and procedural safeguards in order to make the access to this sensitive data exclusive to the authorized personnel having access to this data. Notwithstanding all the technological and manual steps We employ, due to peculiar nature of the Internet, no foolproof security, from unauthorized access by hackers or other illegal means and personnel, can be guaranteed.

6. External Links

This Website may also contain external links to the websites belonging to different parties including, without limitation, promoters, advertisers, affiliates, partners, agents, etc. However, We do not review, control or monitor the privacy practices of such third party websites. Your use of the linked websites is subject to the privacy and other legal policies of these third party websites.

7. Disclosure of Information

We disclaim any liability for disclosure of any personally or non-personally identifiable information arising out of any of the following circumstances:

1. Disclosure to government (local, state, national, or international) agencies in response to legal processes, like subpoenas, search warrants, etc.; or

2. Any unlawful or unauthorized access to, and transmissions of, personal information from this Website; or

3. Disclosure of any information by You on message boards, Forums, blogs, social networking websites, or any other online or offline media; or

4. Disclosure to auditors for investigation into crimes – actual or potential; or

5. Disclosure to enforce the Terms or defend Our rights; or

6. Disclosure of such information as an asset in case of sale, or part sale, of this Website to a third party.

8. Transfers Overseas

This Clause applies to only those users of the Website who are UK residents.

Your personally identifiable information may be transferred outside of the European Economic Area to Us for processing. However, all such transfers are in compliance with the Safe Harbor Agreement concerning the transfer of personal data from the EU to the USA. In case of conflict between this Policy and the Safe Harbor Principles published by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the latter will prevail.

9. Contact Us

In case You still have any doubts regarding any provision(s) of this Privacy Policy, or You believe that using any of the features of this Website has violated Your privacy rights, please free to contact Us by email. We shall appropriately respond to all queries at the earliest.