What is HowToHint.com?
HowToHint.com is a website that is dedicated to creation and production of premium articles and videos on a variety of topics ranging from Art, Fashion, Lifestyle to Finance, Music, Vacations and many more. These articles and videos are not only featured on the HowTohint pages but also on the partner websites and other publishers of premium editorial services. These sites include:
We provide opportunities to freelance writers to help them include their work in the content that is provided on this portal. These opportunities range from copyediting work to comprehensive article writing. Skilled writers and experts can apply for writer freelance position and we are looking for quality work rich in information.
What are the Benefits of Working With HowToHint.com?
Howtohint.com brings together the elements of media creativity and modern technological advancements used to propagate it. Articles are not just restricted to news papers and magazines. The dynamics of all fields have advanced so much that any developments therein are witnessed in real time. HowtoHint.com helps propagate all such information to help people all over the world become abreast with the latest trends.
This is why our doors are open to talented new writers and experst who bring with them the latest updates and analytics from different areas of interest.
We expect best quality in the work we publish and therefore the writers get the opportunity to work on world class content. We, in turn, publish this work on howtohint.com and our other websites.
Our necessity is diversified and there is no dearth of work. Any writer can find hundreds of assignments with us at any point.
All the quality work that is created is published on websites that are very much in demand.
How Many Times Can I apply for the Same Role?
The application for a job profile can be submitted only once. Whatever role you are applying for, whether it is that of a writer or that of a editor or title creator department; we urge you to give it your best shot so that we select you in the first attempt.
What are the Fees to Join HowToHint.com?
Zero! There are absolutely no fees or hidden charges for joining us.
What is the Minimum Age to Work with HowToHint?
Anyone who wishes to work with us should be at least 18 years of age or older. The minimum age of 18 is one of the most important selection criterion and anyone who is under eighteen is advised to wait till he/she achieves the age and we will be happy to have you working with us!
Are there Any Terms and Conditions that I have to accept here when I enroll with HowToHint.com?
Yes, there are a few Terms that You need you to read and accept as a part of your acceptance to work with us. These Terms include HowTohint.com Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Contributor’s Agreement.
I see a notification that says that the payment has been completed, yet the money has not been credited to my account?
In an event of you not receiving your payment even when the notification says that the payment has been made, you should send a mail to the support team and they will sort the matter immediately.
What does a Payment Failure Notification mean?
Whenever you receive a notification that says that the payment has failed (Payment Failure Notification), it means that HowToHint.com was unable to transfer the funds into your account. This could be because of a variety of reasons.
These include incorrect information that you might have provided us. Therefore the first step is to check whether the details that you have provided about your Paypal account are correct. Check whether the e-mail address for Paypal is correct. If the account details are accurate, then contact Paypal for resolving the issue.
What Type of Articles are Written for HowToHint?
The articles are articles that are written to be appear on the internet websites that are a part of HowtoHint network. These sites include howtohint.com and some of the most popular ones on the internet.
What are the Style Guidelines for Howtohint.com?
Howtohint.com consists of a resource center that consists of all information to help create different type of documents for Howtohint. The information comprises of style guidelines, writing tips and other documents that help the writers easily create impeccable documents that we seek.
What kind of articles do I write?
Depending on your application and profile, the formats are assigned to you in accordance with the category of work that you have chosen at the time of signup.
Whenever you start writing articles, it is essential that you go through all the guidelines to ensure that all the requirements are adhered to. The guidelines must be followed to the hilt to ensure that the quality is also maintained.
Where will the articles I’ve written appear?
The articles are published on Howtohint.com and other sites that make part of howtohint network.
What are the topics available to write on?
We have an assignment list in our database which is constantly updated. These assignments have been divided into numerous categories ranging from Computers to Vacations. These categories are available to you in accordance with your category selection during the signing up process.
How many articles can I claim in one go?
You can select up to 20 assignments. But you need finish article in 14 days. And if you are Editor, you need to review article in 24 hours.
What is the Payment Amount that I receive?
At this time we have following rates:
Writer: $3.00 USD per accepted article
Editor: $0.50 USD - 1.00 USD per edited and accepted article
Title Creator: $0.02 per created and accepted title
Title Editor: $0.02 per checked, edited and accepted title
I am Writer and I see that some validated articles are moved back to "In Correction" section and my balance is debited. Why is that?
Our quality control department decided that your article is written not according to our guidelines. You'll need to correct articles and send it for review again.
What kind of articles do I write?
Depending on your application and profile, the formats are assigned to you in accordance with the category of work that you have chosen at the time of signup.
Whenever you start writing articles, it is essential that you go through all the guidelines to ensure that all the requirements are adhered to. The guidelines must be followed to the hilt to ensure that the quality is also maintained.
How much time is available for editing?
There is a 24 hour window provided after you as a Copy Editor claim an article. You have to approve, edit, or send it to be rewritten within this duration. A rewritten article in your queue has than again a 24 hours window to be approved or rejected. If you miss deadline, system moves article from your cabinet to available assigments section.
How are the Articles Submitted?
Once your application has been approved, you can login into your account. Having logged in, click the “Write” link to seek the assignments available for you. Then click “Get” link in order to claim assignment.
Read the guidelines, complete the assignment and submit them using the online tools available with us.
Can I apply for other positions in HowTohint?
Yes you can apply for numerous positions in different departments of HowTohint. But you can’t be Article Editorr and Writer or have 2 positions in same departments.
What are the reasons for the rejection of an article?
Every article is reviewed for content, grammar, writing style and spellings. If the article lacks quality in any of these parameters, then it gets rejected. However, every article is first thoroughly reviewed and if it is not up to the mark, then the article is sent back for revision or rewriting. In case the revised or re-written article does not meet the writing guidelines, then it is rejected.
This makes it mandatory for every writer to go through the guidelines for writing to avoid any mistakes, and thus ensure that the article is not rejected.
Can I delete the published article?
Once an article you have written is approved and published, you can’t delete or make any changes to it.
In which Languages can I write the Articles for HowToHint?
As of today, HowToHint web network comprises of English reading viewers and hence all the articles that are published are in the English language. However, we plan to incorporate other languages in the near future.
After Submission, typically how long does it take for the article to be published?
One of the crucial elements that govern the time before which an article is published is where the article is distributed. The HowtoHint network comprises of numerous websites the total viewership of which exceeds 1 million. The articles are published instantaneously on some websites, while it can take a few weeks for them to get published on others. There might be instances where the editorial team does not choose to publish an article.
After Submission of an Article, how long is it before payment is made?
The article goes through a review before it is approved or rejected. An article is paid only after it is approved. HowToHint pays once every week, on Fridays.
Can I include Images with my articles?
Yes, you can submit an image along with your article, however it is an imperative that the image is owned by you and not taken from somewhere or someone who has proprietary rights to it.
Do I retain the Right to my content?
Once an article is published, HowTohint.com retains all the rights to the article. All the details are mentioned in the Contributor’s Agreement which is considered accepted by you once you start working with HowToHint. It is recommended that the writer goes through the clauses mentioned in the agreement before participating in the HowToHint Writers’ program.
What is Title Creator?
Title Creator is a job profile that requires creation of titles and directives to write articles. It is an integral part of the job of a Title Creator that the titles are workable and provide a clear view of what is required by the writer. The keywords are generated from a large number of resources. Your job is to use your creativity to create correct titles which will include given keywords.
What is Article Status and What does it mean?
The Article status is the depiction of the stage that an article is in while undergoing a review by the editorial team. The following status codes can be seen an article that is submitted:
Draft: This is the stage in which an article is saved when it is being written. Writers can also find the claimed articles under the Draft Status.
Pending Approval
When an article is submitted, then the editorial team takes over the review process. In this stage the article’s status is Pending Approval.
For Correction
In an event a Editor finds an article inappropriate for approval, he/she send it back to you with suggestions and reviews. When an article is sent back to the writer for revision or review, then the article is in “For Correction” stage. It is vital that the writer incorporates the hints and suggestions of the Editor before resubmission to ensure approval.
After the article is copyedited it gets Approved status. This stage also means that the details of the article have been sent to the accounting division which starts to process the payment.
When an article does not meet the required standards of HowToHint despite resubmission it gets rejected status.
How to Become a Title Creator?
If you are interested in the position of Title Creator, then you can send us an application indicating your interest in the position. The first step is to send you a test to see your how good you are for the position. If you fare well in the test and meet the eligibility criteria, then the editorial team may contact you for further information.
How much do I earn as Title Creator?
There is a predetermined fee that is paid to a Title Creator. This fee is standard for every title created and accepted. As of now, the fee for every title that is accepted is $0.02. This fee is subject to revision at any point by HowToHint.
Where can the Guidelines for Title Creator be Found?
There is a section called Writer Guidelines.. This section provides guidelines for the Title Creator.
If I find some errors while creating a Title, what does it entail?
There are certain occasions where software tools depict unexpected behavior and as a result you may see some errors during the title creation process. Whenever such an incident takes place, you should immediately notify the Helpdesk department. This can be done by clicking on the Contact Us link on the bottom of the page. It is important that the incident be reported immediately so that the error can be rectified immediately.
How often is the performance of a title creator evaluated?
There are daily reviews of the work done by you as a Title Creator. This is done by a Title Manager who ensures that all the titles that you create meet the standards needed by HowToHint. In an event the Title Manger finds the performance levels of a Title Creator dipping, he/she is notified immediately and the quality is to be immediately brought up to the standards.
The title manager reviews the work thoroughly and an action plan is created by him/her that exhibits the areas in which improvement is sought and a generic feedback. There is a probationary period granted on the Title Manager’s discretion and in this period a Title Creator must show the improvement expected out of him/her. The Title Manager also retains the right to revoke permissions and ask you to forfeit the Title Creator position if needs be. This is particularly true if it is found that you have been abusing resources of HowTohint. Not only will you have to quit the Title Creator position but also your status as a freelancer comes under the radar.
How can I get more titles to create?
A Title Creator presents title invariably on a First Come and First Serve basis. In case there are no more titles to work on, you must keep checking the queue to see if more titles have been provided. HowToHint endeavors to create fluidity of work supply and in case the title queue goes empty, it gets replenished soon after.
If there are some specific questions that I need answered, where do I go?
The Title Creator guidelines carry all the information that a Title Creator needs to know to work effectively. This section constantly gets updated. If you have any questions, you can check this section and find the latest updates along with documents that would assist you in better title creation. In case you do not find what you are looking for in this section, then you can send your query to us by mailing at support@howtohint.com and we will respond to your question immediately and as best as we can.
What is Title Editor?
The work done by Title Creators can have lack of quality in terms of wordings and mistakes. They might also be incomplete at times. This is rectified by the Title Editor whose job is to correct them using his/her grammar and sentence structuring skills. The Title Editor ensures that the title is least modified and carries its original essence. The work of the Title Editor also includes verifying that a title has been included in the appropriate category and sub category. It is essential that the category and sub categories be correct because they are the channel that directs the titles to the appropriate section. Without the right category, you might find a cookery title in the Computer category. The viewer also searches articles by categories. Hence it is important that the category and sub category allotted to them is accurate.
How to become the Title Controller?
If you are interested in the Title Controller profile, you can apply via website registration form. When we have a vacant position, we send you a test which determines the eligibility for the position. Once we have the scores, we may contact you for further information.
Can I be the Title Controller and still have more roles in HowToHint?
Just like it is with the Title Creator profile, you can be a Title Controller and also have other roles in Howtohint. But You can’t be Title Controller and Title Creator,
What I get paid as Title Editor?
Title Editors are paid at the rate of $0.02 per controlled and accepted title. However HowToHint has the right to change these rates at any point.
Where can Title Editor Guidelines be found?
The Title Editor guidelines are available in Writing Guidelines section.
How frequently is the performance of a Title Editor evaluated?
The performance of a Title Editor is reviewed on a daily basis by a Title Manager. In case the performance dips, the manager provides feedback, advice for improvement and the Title Editor is expected to show immediate improvements.
How do I get more titles to edit?
The titles are available in a queue which needs to be checked soon after it is empty. We replenish it as soon as possible.
When and How are Payments Made by HowToHint.com?
HowtoHint.com makes all the payments via PayPal. Hence in order to receive the payments, you need to have a Paypal Account.
The payments are deposited directly in the Paypal account. For the terms and conditions of PayPal usage, you can visit www.paypal.com.
Are Freelancers Living Outside United States also Recruited?
Yes, we recruit Creative Writers and Editors across the globe. (The Selection Standards remain the same for all.)
Do I have to edit every article in my queue?
No, you have the option to choose the articles that appear in your queue.
What is Expired Assignment?
An article that has not been edited in the specified duration is called an Expired Assignment.
Do I still get paid if writer article expired and returned to the que?
No, You get paid only for approved articles.
What Kind of Articles are edited?
Articles especially written to be published on the internet are copy edited by Editors.
If the articles are not edited in time, what happens?
The articles are sent to queue of other editors.
Can I be an Editor and a writer both?
No, you can’t.
Can the Published Articles be edited?
Before an article is selected or approved, a Editor reviews it thoroughly and might send it back to you to rewrite or revise. After making the changes, you can send it back to us for approval. After the final approval is made, the HowToHint editorial team may review it and make some modifications to optimize it for the web. However, once the article is published, you as a writer cannot make any changes to it. Only HowToHint has the authority to make any edits. However, in case you find out any errors, you can contact the HowTohint editorial team and they would make the correction. This team can be contacted by filling in the Contact Us form that is available at the footer of the website.
Can a Person be a Title Creator and still have other roles in HowToHint?
Yes, you can be a Title Creator and writer.
However you can’t be writer and Article Editor at the same time.
Are there any guidelines to submit articles?
Yes, there are established guidelines for the submission of each article. These are included in the section named as writing guidelines. It is mandatory that every writer goes through these guidelines and maintain the standards as established by them.
If guidelines been ignored, your article will be rejected.
You need to write at least 500 words in article.
I did not edit an article sent to me in time. Will I get paid?
No, you will not be paid because the article sent back to you has not been approved. In case the deadline is reached, the article goes to the general pool for another editor to claim it.
What is the editorial process followed by HowtoHint?
Once an article is submitted with HowToHint.com, an Editor takes charge of these articles and reads them for review. He/she also checks the references that have been provided as sources of information included. The Editor has the authority to make minor changes in the article or even send it back to you for revision or rewriting along with suggestions.
Once the article is approved, the details are forwarded to the administration team for payment processing.
After writer resubmits, how much time do I have?
An Editor has 24 hours to approve or reject an article in case of re-submission.
What is the Duration of the Application Process?
The moment you submit the application, we send a confirmation as an acknowledgement
to the e-mail address that you have provided. We process all applications depending on the assignments available and the number of people who have applied. You receive a response within 24 hours. We might surprise you by offering you a green signal to work with us within a few hours after submitting the application.
The process of application review is as follows:
We work on an application, and once a decision is reached, whether you have been accepted or not , we send it to you on the e-mail;. In case you have been accepted by us, you are provisioned to log in and start with the assignments available.