Writing Guidelines

Writing Guidelines

HowToHint – Title Editor Guidelines

As a Title Editor your duty is to correct the incorrectly named article titles and block those titles that can’t be fixed.

You have to work according to Title Creation guidelines.

As Editor you can change title type if type been assigned incorrectly.

Examples of titles which have to be declined:

Do you know about dimm ddr memory

How to use hard drive 1tb

Do you know about laptop my business partener

How to get memory 2gb toshiba usb


Examples of titles which can be accepted:

How To Use Windows Movie Maker For Creating Home Movies

5 Tips to increase the power of laptop batteries

10 Amazing Tips for thinkpad lenovo laptop



HowToHint – Title Creation  Guidelines

  • All the keywords are to be used in the title.
  • Don't accept keywords with keywords that are spelled wrong. The guidelines state that Editors should reject titles with errors that cannot be fixed.
  • You can change keywords positions to make correct titles
  • You must prepare a title for an article instead of just using 2 keywords
  • Example keywords: WORKING ONLINE; Correct Title: Benefits of Working Online; Incorrect Title: WORKING ONLINE
  • Our system will automatically capitalize the major words in your title, but common words (a, an, the, for, to, etc... ) will not be auto-capitalized.
  • All article titles are checked with the help of Title Editors
  • You must ensure that the title you have created is right for a particular category
  • If you are unable to make title for some keywords, just skip it
  • Make one title for each keyword combination and not more than 1 for same keyword combination
  • Avoid lengthy titles
  • Best titles are tiles which start like: "How to..", "5 steps to...", "Advantages of...", "Can you get..", "Best methods to..."  etc. Just use your imagination and creativity!
  • Engage – what will attract readers to continue reading? Clearly tell them what is lying ahead. “How to Make Lava Cake” is a good selection. Readers will get an idea about the article. Using numbers within titles is even better. Titles like “7 Methods of Preparing Cakes” makes readers know that they are not into a long reading and that you have lay it all out for them.
  • Focus – Keep it simple and precise. Be selective and creative when choosing words and remember to use the keyword.
  • Autodetect service - our system will detect title type and assign right one. 


HowToHint – Article Submission Guidelines

All those articles are accepted that have at least 500 words and have “How to” format. We emphasize out visitors for using the HowToHint service as a platform for sharing and spreading their knowledge. To have a good understanding of the kind of articles accepted on this website, see the detailsunder:

Proper Formatting

An article title should be made according to the guidelines given. It should make some sense when the term “How to” is added before your supplied title group. For instance, “How to Treat Cancer Disease” is a proper titles whereas “Cancer Disease” is not. You may reinforce the title with the help of keyword usage in the 1st sentence of 1st paragraph.

Article should be of instructional nature and offer actionable steps to the reader. This website focus on giving instructions on how something is done. Vague or incomplete instructions that are not explained step by step and make the reader to take intellectual jumps from one point to another will be removed.

 All the instructions for an article should be clear. If they confuse our editors, then they will confuse the readers too.

 Make sure to use proper grammar/punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure in your articles.

 Objectionable Article Subject

Articles should not have obscene and/or offensive material, including photos, videos, and words.

 The information provided in articles should not be illegal or dangerous.

 Article should not have wrong facts.

 The articles should not have blogging, personal observations, opinion pieces, ads, stories, or poetry.


Your articles should not be a promotion or it shouldn’t look like an advertisement. All such articles will be marked as SPAM and immediately removed.

 The use of any third party trademarks should be avoided. If it is important to use such trademarks, review the trademark owner’s usage guidelines to make sure you are using it properly. A general rule is that the trademarks must be capitalized followed by the generic name service or product that trademark represents.

 Articles should not represent that the HowToHint community or author is affiliated or endorses any specific third party service or products.

 Links to external sites within you text should be related to the article content.

 Articles should not have plagiarized content from other source and/or person. All the articles published on HowToHint and are furthermore published on other websites should be written by you.

 Plagiarism is a major concern and numerous online communities are facing it. The major reason behind article removal from our website is plagiarism. To be clear on what HowToHint considers plagiarism, some of the basic guidelines are given as under.

      • Submitting a near or exact copy of thoughts and languages of some other author, with the aim of showing them as your original writing is plagiarism.
      • Submitting a near or exact copy of thoughts and languages of some other author, and giving credit to original writer is still plagiarism.
      • Submitting such article in which thoughts and language of someone else’s work is rephrased is again plagiarism.
      • Articles you wrote earlier and are on other websites can be published on HowToHint as long as they written by you and you are using the exact byline.

When you begin writing an article, there should be a clear image of the subject matter in your mind. If you are able to make a good start, it is half the battle won. You can only write a good article if you are clear on your article’s subject matter. Your article will get selected only if it satisfies the main requirements that are vital to any good.

 It is good to write on subjects regarding which you have good knowledge.

 Once you have completed your article, don’t forget to spell check it. A good article is free from any punctuation, spelling, or grammatical mistake. Keep in mind that the keywords are very important as they are helpful for people in finding your article. Making use of keywords from the article title in your article content is also a great art and you must use this very carefully in your article for good placement.