Why HowToHint?

For Writers

 Working Procedure:

It is very easy and beneficial to get approval from HowToHint. Firstly, the writer must use the internet to find high quality content to write about. The writer is then given a total of 14 days to produce the article which will be submitted for examination. The copy editor will proofread the writer’s article to ensure that the content written in 100% unique, after approval, the writer is paid.

What does HowToHint offers?

We provide our writers with a location to compose their articles based on their knowledge and interest; we also promote their morale by paying them promptly and giving them the permission to get more articles to write depending on their availability. In doing this, writers can create their content under minimized pressure.

For Editors

Working Procedure:

The primary task for our editors is to proofread various articles that are sent to their work desk. The editors will check the articles for grammatical errors which includes sentence structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. which are carefully examined and edited as necessary. All questions are answered online and writers are given 24 hours in which to submit each article written. Writers will be paid $3 for each article of 500 words written and the articles are sent to our editors weekly for approval, they are paid $0.50 USD to $1 USD per article for their duties performed.

Criteria for Selection:

We prefer to employ applicants that are professionals in the field, limited to 2 years of work experience as a Line, Associate or Managing Editor. Editors must be proficient in APA, MLA and US writing styles as a basic recommendation.

About HowToHint

HowToHint supply over 5000 articles for over 50 million clients connected on worldwide web and in other locations around the globe on a daily basis. The copy editor functions to ensure that readers will receive high quality articles. We also provide our most creative and productive editors with assignments, they are efficient in performing responsibilities that are more advance, but they are awarded accordingly.