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10 Amazing Tips For Styling Car Parts


There is more to your car than just its basic functioning. It’s your personal vehicle and is a representation of your taste. Therefore it is great to change the look of your car by styling car parts. In fact the greatest and most popular way to give a new look to your car, is actually by styling car parts. Nothing looks better than a completely unique car.

This article will discuss 10 amazing tips for styling car parts. These tips will prove very beneficial for you since they will give you a clear understanding of what you need to buy and remember when you plan to customize your car through styling car parts.

Step 1

Plan for how much longer you need to keep your car. If you have no intentions of selling it yet then you can spend wisely on styling car parts. There isn’t much fun in personalizing your car by styling car parts then selling it to somebody else.

Step 2

Patience is a virtue. You don’t want to rush in styling car parts because wrong decisions or wrong purchases can prove very costly. You surely don’t want that. You also want to keep certain surprises for later. Take your time and remember that you will style car parts one at a time and will also change them one by one.

Step 3

Decide which car parts need an improved look. Jot down these important parts so that you can purchase them or change them accordingly. Writing them down will also reduce the risk of overlooked requirements.

Step 4

Your personal vehicle should reflect your personality. Think of the things that interest and inspire you and jot these down. Think of the methods by which you can portray those interests in your car. Styling car parts although is fun, does come with some limitations. You want to know what will be easily achieved and what you can cross out.

Step 5

Plan a theme for the interior or exterior of your car. This can be according to your personal interests. If you are a young guy and like the sporty look, then you might opt for a racing theme. On the other hand if you are a business man, then you can get a nice sleek theme with chrome mirror covers and edgy floor mats.

Last 5 Tips

Tip number 6 is colour. So by now you have decided your theme. Next is the choice of colours. Which colours do you want to use for your car? Remember to keep it simple but edgy. Don’t get too over excited by using multiple colours of the rainbow. Use a maximum of 3 colours to still give a professional touch to your customization.

Tip number 7 is budget. Yes we all like to have the best of everything but you need to consider your budget. Look back at your list of the parts that really need styling. Then have a look around on the internet to get a rough idea of how much money you will need. It will be sad to plan so much and then have to cancel something due to budget constraints.

Tip number 8 is wise purchasing. Go out and have a look at the shops that specialise in styling car parts. You can also visit websites that specialize in this field. Check out the different accessories they offer and purchase them accordingly. Remember only buy what is within your budget and what you really need. They are countless accessories for styling car parts. You can get mirror covers, funky steering wheel covers, air fresheners, CD cases and many more.

Tip number 9 is the interior. Although some of the people only style the exteriors of their cars, the interior should also not be neglected. If you don’t have enough money to style the interior of your car, then you don’t have to. For all those that are styling interior car parts, you need to remember that most of your time will be spent in front of the dashboard area. Therefore that part also needs to be appealing.

Tip number 10 is maintenance. Once you have personalized your car effectively, make sure that you maintain it. Try to keep it clean and presentable. Nobody would want to see a cool car that’s covered in mud. Make the most of your and there’s no harm in showing off with a little. Have fun but please don’t forget to buckle up. Although your new sporty theme might tempt you to speed, you should be driving safe!


Customizing your car by styling car parts is a growing trend. This also allows you to have fun with something new that eliminates the cost of buying a completely new car. Not only will your car have a new personality, but by styling car parts you will also have something new and fun to enjoy. It’s the nature of a human to enjoy being around things that interest him or her, therefore depict your interests by styling car parts.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/26/2012
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10 Amazing Tips For Styling Car Parts. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.