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Over the decades motor motorcycles have been improved to cater for the needs of the individuals who use them. This has culminated in the some truly powerful and efficient motorsmotorcycles engines ever made. Riding a truly powerful motors motorcycles engine can be quite an experience of a lifetime as you grab the throttle and the bike surges forward blasting you in to the horizon.

Rider have various reasons for acquiring various designs for motors motorcycles engines, while some are for pleasure others are for a particular reason such as competitive sports. In order to best understand the motors motorcycle engines we have to begin by finding out what powers the engine and why some models are more powerful than others. Since the advent of the motors motorcycles some ground-breaking motorbikes have been invented giving way to the best, finest and fastest engines known to mankind.

The Best Motorcycles

Some of the best and most awesome motors motorcycles engines ever developed by mankind includes:

  • Harleys Davidson XLC1200 C
  • Yamaha RD 500Honda CBX6-The bike packs iconic 6 cylinders 1047 cc lump that is proportional to its build.
  • Kawasaki GPz900
  • BMWS 1000 RR
  • Suzuki RG 500
  • AJS 7R 350cc- rated as one of the best motors motorcycles engines with a beautiful racing ability. This model has competed successfully with all manner of engines from all over the world without taking too much beating. The 7R motors motorcycles engine has been responsible for many wins in short circuit races and lap records due to its ability to hardy enough when put under pressure.
  • Triupmph Twin-quite a good looking machine with distinctive timing case, angular cylinder and barrel fining meaning there’s no silhouette of the push rod twin. The Triump has lived to its name by coming fast and first in many competitions.


  • Moto Guzzi-V-Twin-One of the motors motorcycle engines with style to boot, it emerged in the 1970s and though it may have lost ground to other modern makes the Guzzis twin motors motorcycles engine still remains a force to reckon with. One of the unique features of the Guzzi twin engines is that they stick out in the breeze in order to keep them cool-an idea borrowed from air craft technology.
  • RC211V-one of the modern motors motorcycles engines designed to be tacked away behind frames spars. This is one of the best racing monster to take on the road with an exquisite engine detailed enough to go on show.
  • Kawasaki W650 –The W650 motors motorcycles packs a nice looking engine in a modern bike. Its retro-W650 uses bevel driven valve gear which adds to the visual touch of the offside barrels. The W65O is massively popular with most Japanese riders which say a lot about how good the machine is when a push comes to a shove.
  • Aprilia V4-It has been recently crowned World Champion when the motors motorcycles engine pulled a surprise with its compact, powerful and smooth V4 in the RSV.
  • Yamah 350LC –One of the motors motorcycles that turned the world upside down with TZ lights with enough simplicity but high agility and compact engine that has earned a place among the best in the world.
By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/08/2012
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