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Are Yamaha Motorcycles Good?


“Motorcycles” “Yamaha” are produced by a Japanese motorized vehicle-producing company known as Yamaha Motor Company Limited which is also part of Yamaha Corporation. Yamaha’s history goes back over 100 years to 1887 and thus giving it a wide range of experience in motorcycle manufacturing.


“Motorcycles” “Yamaha” company does not start with motorcycles, its in 1887 that Torakusu Yamaha started with Nippon Gakki Company that would later become Yamaha Corporation: an important manufacturer of musical instruments. And as the company grew, they explored other fields of opportunity like the textile industry among others.

During World War 2, the company set factory for producing airplane propellers an entry that played an important role in the making of “Motorcycles” “Yamaha”. After the war, the company had to find a way of utilizing the experience gained but before producing their first motorcycle, Ginicki Kawakami the then leader, sent out his engineers to Europe to have them learn how to make motorcycles particularly from DKW. This is the reason why the first Yamaha Motorcycle the 125 YA-1 was a copy of 1949 DKW RT 12.


Some of the most important models from “Motorcycles” “Yamaha” are: Yamaha YA-1 it was tested along 10,000 miles of rough rides and even the big boss himself Ginichi Kawakami rode from Hamamatsu to Tokyo without any problem hence it was very reliable. It was also very beautiful, Yamaha was the first company to put special attention to decoration and the designing bit was given to GK design in Tokyo. The YA-1 was fast as it attained good position in various local races in that time: Mount Fuji in third place and Mount Asama in first place.

Other important “Motorcycles” “Yamaha” models include: The Yamaha YD-1(the competitor of Suzuki TP of that time) its technical features included 15hp 70mph. 185,000 yen in comparison to Suzuki TP’s 18hp 80mph. The Yamaha YDS-1 which was the dream bike of every young Japanese man between 1959 and 1960 some technical specifications includes: 20hp 333lbs. 85mph this version was the direct rival of Honda CB72.

“Motorcycles” “Yamaha” continued producing two stroke engines until it launched the XS-1 in 1969 with a 650cc two cylinder four-stroke engine, in 1979, the XT500 won the first Paris-Dakar rally. Today, Yamaha produces scooters from 50-500cc and a range of motorcycles from 50 to 1900 cc including cruiser, off-road, dual sport, sport and sport touring. “Motorcycles” “Yamaha” have great heritage in racing, they won super cross championship two years in a row with YZ 450F. “Motorcycles” “Yamaha” has won a total of 36 world championships, including 3 in motorGP and in the preceding 500cc two stroke classes and 1 in world superbike.


The history of “Motorcycles” “Yamaha” models and victories goes on and on and today Yamaha is one of the leading players in motorcycling world for instance the 2004 motorGP was won by an excellent rider Valentino Rosi on a Yamaha motorcycle! Yamaha also produced formula one from 1989 to 1997 for zakspeed team, Jordan 192 and Tyrrell these never won a race but drivers like Damon Hill, Mark Blundell scored some acceptable results. From the design, power, speed and cost, the “Motorcycles” “Yamaha” are good.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/14/2012
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