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Motorcyles and bikes have caught on as convenient means of transport in crowded cities. In developing countries, people buy these forms of transport to take them from one place to another. With the advent of affordable brands of motorcycles and bikes, it is cheaper to get these vehicles than a car. They do not take a lot of space on the road and are quicker to weave in and out of traffic.

However, motorcycles and bikes are more than just forms of transport; people race in them too and they are expressions of style. A motorbike enthusiast will tell you that they are beautiful machines packed with power and features to make bike riding an exhilarating experience of freedom and mobility.


The first motorcycles and bikes that used fuel were invented by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Bach in 1885. There were other motorcycles and bikes, too that were powered by steam propulsion, but were not considered as the first types of these two-wheeled vehicles. Hildebrand and Wolfmuller was the first brand of motorcycles produced as a series. Back then, the concept of internal combustion was already incorporated in the design of these vehicles. These bicycles had no clutch or pedals. The factory closed in 1919. Since then, these road machines underwent considerable evolution from the development of the internal combustion engine to be what is known as the motorcycles and bikes of today. Brands such as Ducati, MotoGuzzi, Triumph, and KTM are renowned for their sheer style, performance, and power.


The 2012 Milan Show unveiled some of the hottest motorcyles and bikes that are expected to be released next year. Several brands keep coming up as machines to watch out for.

Ducati is a respected brand in the motorcycles and bikes category producing powerful machines that are performant and beautiful. It continues its Superbike championship heritage with the Ducati Panigale. Ducati fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the Ducati Panigale. Equipped with 190 hp and a 100lb-ft torque, it is a powerful road monster. It features three riding modes; wet, race or sport. A fitting tribute to the town where its factory is located, Ducati Panigale is a creation that’s built with advanced dynamics and engineering. It has ABS, traction control settings, and all the features that would complement the riding modes.

Aprilia’s SRV850 looks like Batman’s ride with its top speed clocking in at 120mph. The bosses at BMW got themselves in the motorbike industry as well, and the next motorcycles and bikes from this brand are expected to have the same caliber as their cars. BMW’s C 600 Sport is a mega scooter capable of cross country touring and convenient for commutes.

Other models of motorcycles and bikes to watch out for include Honda’s Integra and NC 700 S both with significant upgrades to the older versions. Then there’s Huqsvarna Nuda 900, the Swedish brand that was resurrected under Italina, but under BMW ownership. They are still good off-road motorycles and bikes. KTM Duke, the Austrian brand still makes it to the list of hottest motorcycles and bikes to watch out in the coming months or year.

Let’s not forget the legendary Moto Guzzi with its improved twin engines, compression and a 51hp output. Three models are expected to come out. The rest of  brands of motocycles and bikes worth waiting for include the MV Augusta Brutale 675, the Triumph Explorer and the Vespa quarantasei. Vespa is a compact, elegant scooter featuring a retro design. Motorcycles and bike lovers wouldn’t mind being seen in one of these things.

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While the show of Milan certainly put the best out there for design, quality, and performance there are lesser known brands of these motorcycles and bikes that are popular around the world such as the Kawasaki and the Yamaha tax.

By Marie, published at 03/18/2012
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