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KTM motorcycles are Austrian brands with the company founded in 1934 by Hans Trunkenpolz. These motorcycles are best known for their off-road capabilities, although there are also models which are produced for normal street driving. KTM motorcycles are also used for motor cross and cross country racing. They are sold all over the world so it should not be too hard to find one where you are located.

Step 1

To discover great deals for KTM motorcycles, go the website of KTM at Websites are divided into geographical locations such as North America, Europe and so on. There you will see all the models of KTM motorcycles that are for sale and sold through select dealers. A description of KTM motorcycles is written including technical specifications, engine displacement, and start device. The weight of the motorcycle is also included so you could gauge if you can handle it on the road. Accessories, spare parts, and the motorcycles are also shown on the website. If you decide to buy one, you have to use the deal locator on the site and enter your ZIP code and address.


Step 2

Another way to get good deals on KTM motorcycles is to look at used bikes. You can do this by searching online for dealers that sell used motorcycles. At the same time, when you go to physical dealers, you can check with the sales rep if there are secondhand KTM motorcycles for sale. These are also certified vehicles and usually carry a warranty so it’s not a big risk to buy secondhand bikes.

Step 3

Look at the vehicles section of the classified ads to check for new and used KTM motorcycles. There are private individuals who no longer want their bikes and put them up for sale. If you are lucky, you can even find nearly brand new ones with low mileage making them great deals. Just be sure to inspect the motorcycle by test driving it and even bringing a mechanic over to check its road worthiness. Registration papers and deed of sale are important, too when making a purchase agreement between you and a private person.

Step 4

You can also sell auction sites such as Ebay to see if there are any KTM motorcycles on offer. The motoring section of the site contains this information. Often, there are classified ads on the site for a used motorbike, but you have to keep checking the site for these types of offers. You can get KTM motorcycles for as low as $1,000. However, most of these are private sales and are only available for site pick-up. Thus, if you are not living in the area where the motorcycle is located, this can be a problem unless you intend to do a road trip with a newly-bought secondhand dirt bike. Pay attention to deals which are not covered by the Vehicle and Ebay Purchase Protection Program as transactions like this are at your own risk.


Step 5

There are also other online retailers that sell KTM motorcycles such as Fun Mart which offer bikes from various brands. These online stores carry supplies, accessories, and riding gear for KTM motorcycles as well as other brands of motorbikes. Online orders are usually followed by a phone call order for KTM motorcycles or you can also request a quote for the model you are interested in.


Off road motorcycle events and races are announced on the KTM motorcycles website so you’ll have an idea as to what’s going on throughout the country or in other parts of the world. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, this is a great site to keep track of events and races.

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