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The motorcycles are considered as big toys by some people, but for the passionate of two wheeled vehicles, the situation is different. The motorcycles mini storage spaces are important, especially for people that like to take long trips with their vehicles. The motorcycles mini storage spaces could be used also for ATV’s or other vehicles of this kind, offering autonomy for the driver and the possibility to take long trips without worrying about your items, clothes, money, or any other important items you need along the trip.

It is important to find a portable motorcycles mini storage solution, so you can use it with any of your two-wheeled vehicle. Some of those motorcycles have a storage space by default, but this space is not enough for a long trip.


The size and capacity of the motorcycles mini storage space is the most important characteristic. Make sure you have some hidden compartments for the important items such as money and documents, but you should also have a space to store large items such as clothes or even food. Some bikers want to have fresh cold water at their disposal all the time, and this is why they will probably look for those storing devices that have a cold compartment powered with electricity directly from the motorcycle. This system is new, and also a little more expensive than the simple motorcycles mini storage solutions, as it is based on an accumulator with batteries. In this case, the price difference is given by the space offered by this cold special compartment, but also by the power of the accumulators.


Check the length and the width of the compartment before buying it, and make sure it is suited for your vehicle. Sometimes, it might be too large, and even if a larger motorcycles mini storage compartment is useful, it might look weird on your motorcycle. Especially for people that are concerned about image, this is an important aspect.

The compartment might also contain a special place where you can store some tools. You would never know when your bike might broke in the middle of the desert, and this is why you should have those tools at your disposal all the time. In some states, you will even need to have a special approval from the authorities to install the motorcycles mini storage compartment on the vehicle, to make sure the respective compartment is not affecting your safety.

Tips and comments

As we are talking about a compartment that might be affected by rain, but also by potential accidents you have with your bike, it is important for the compartment to be made of resistant materials. Metal resistant to rust is preferred by the majority of bikers, but the new compartments made of resistant plastic will make sure your belongings are safe from rains and snowfalls. There is another advantage of plastic compartments: they are lighter, so the speed of the motorcycle will not be affected. This is an important matter especially for the bikers that like to drive at fast speeds, as it is also a matter of security.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/26/2012
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