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Financial markets are like tremendous trading factories now days. Stockholders and traders can exchange different stocks, shares and related information within seconds. Traders have different traffic in stocks, which bear differing values and indexes at the same time in various markets.


The new stock exchange NYSE is the world largest and successful stock exchange. It is also known as big board. New stock exchange located on Wall Street. It is also one of the top stock exchanges in Europe. New stock exchange trading floor is a four room area which is used for trading. Trading floor is located at 11 Wall Street. And the main building is located at the broad street near the corners of the Wall Street. Its volume in US dollars
New stock exchange facilitates the sellers and buyers to trade shares on the stock, security measurements and other financial materials in registered public enterprises. New stock exchange timings are 9:30 to 4:00 from Monday to Friday, excluding other NYSE announced holidays.


World stock exchanges have complicated structure which can be effected by local events in most of the countries. Every international stock exchange has specific qualifications for listings, indexes and securities. As discussed earlier new stock exchange is one of the leading exchanges in the world has different exchanges in Europe and US, dealing with shares and trade products with more than fifty countries worldwide. There are almost twenty six hundred enterprises with about 21 trillion dollars listing in New stock exchange. International stock exchanges also play a very important role with more than seven trillion dollars.

Tips and Comments

Every country wants that their small enterprises become public as soon as possible by doing more investment and shares trading. In this situation US have to renovate the stock exchange market.

Vociferation system is used in dealing in NYSE. At the trading floor, New stock exchange trades as an ongoing auction format, where sellers/buyers can execute stock transactions on behalf of their shareholders or investors. Professional members of NYSE deal with other traders for selling/buying purposes. And, that’s why it is different from NASDAQ where all trades done electronically.

If talk about the index trading of New stock exchange the Dow Jones Industrial Average is the most famous formally know index. Its name is Dow Jones due to its founder called Charles Dow who is also a member of this exchange. The first calculation of this index was made in the 1st of the October, 1928. Index of New Stock exchange sometimes also called simply Dow. Index calculates the Avg. Value including 30 of the major well known stocks like Microsoft, IBM, and AT&T.

Many of the major Dow Jones index declines which become popular now. On 12 October, 1914 Dow Jones had the highest percentage drop with 24.3 percent in a single day. On 19 October, 1987 it was 22.6 percent. The largest index drop was on 17 September, 2001 to 7 percent.

Some trading companies have been publicly now. In this situation small trading companies are totally ignored by the bid stock companies, but small companies still trading within their own specific region. Secondary options are also available for selling stocks. Social media network like Facebook are selling stocks but in a less transparent way, instead considering the NASDAQ and New Stock exchange.

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