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If you are an enterpriser and you like to work with people, you could consider the job of stockbroker. The first step for this initiative is to take some courses, as an official stockbroker must be attested by the local authorities. Those authorities would never approve you to work in this branch unless you have attended such courses, but you must make sure the course of your choice is approved.


Usually, the stockbroker courses last for five days, for six hours a day. Of course, there is also the possibility to take the online courses that will allow you to study during your free time. Make sure the course is organized by one of the approved stock brokerage companies in your area, such as the Stockbroker association in your area, or by other approved organizations.

You can attend the stockbroker course without meeting special requests. You don’t need to be hired, or to be an absolver of a college. High school is the minimum requirement, but it is understood that superior studies represent an advantage. The taxes for the stockbroker courses are about 200 dollars, but those taxes might vary widely, considering the structure and the reputation of the course.


Of course, you will have to promote an exam in order to become a real stockbroker. Then, you will have to access a virtual trading platform online to take your studies to the next level. This virtual account will allow you to trade without money, to understand the connection between the price of stocks and the financial news, but maybe the most important lesson you will attain from this virtual trading is the discipline. Discipline can’t be trained with a course, but it is the most important characteristic of a good stockbroker. Once you have developed the skills you need to be successful, and your virtual account grows constantly, you can start calling different brokerage companies for an eventual collaboration. The requirements are minimum. Just show them your results on your virtual account, and if the respective company considers your results satisfactory, you will get a job offer instantly.

Tips and comments

Maybe the most important advantage of the stockbroker jobs is the fact that you will win money based on your skills and inspiration, not on the opinions of some boss that doesn’t like you. As a stockbroker, you will have a complicated and alert life, but one thing remains constant: your incomes will depend totally on the amount of work you are willing to take.

The majority of stockbrokers prefer to take their studies to the next level. There are specialized MBA programs for stocks investing, but those courses are expensive, so they are only recommended for people that are really interested about this business. This way, they will be able to become advanced brokers, expanding their horizons to the Forex Marked, but also to the advanced trading options such as the future options. In any case, the stockbroker is different from the boring office jobs, and even if it is risky and the level of work is high, the satisfactions could be huge.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 04/05/2012
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