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Stock America Information

Published at 04/03/2012 09:18:26


Stock America Information

Food and beverages need to go through various process of hygiene based processing, which makes it marketable to the common consumers. In most of the cases pasteurization and sterilization are the most common methods applied on food and beverage products in order to make them hygienically edible. Until and unless these steps are applied risks related to microbial infection and hence spread of diseases cannot be stopped. Most of the companies all around the world adopt these techniques in order to make quality hygienic food and beverage products. Stock America is one name that has dominated the hygiene energy almost since its inception. The organization Stock America deals in various systems which helps the companies in the processes of sterilization and pasteurization. Therefore, the name of Stock America has long been a name of trust and hygiene.


Started in the year 1975, Stock America was actually introduced to the world, by the person who had invented stock rotary sterilizing machine, who is Hermann Rudolf Stock. Though, initially the organization was aiming to introduce the food and the beverage industry to the advantages of the applications of technology to food processing, but later the trend shifted towards low acid food products in various forms of containers. As years went by the food and the beverage industry saw a huge change in the technical associations of food processing due to the initiative taken by this company. Hence, the name became very eminent. Till date, this company is considered to be one of the most deemed in creating various forms of solutions.

Numerous forms of products produced by Stock America are used all around the food and beverage industry. Some of these products and services are namely Batch Sterilizers, continuous sterilizers, pilot systems, material handling, controls, and process validation. These broad categories of products are further sub-divided. For example the batch sterilizers and the associated services can be sub divided into Spray/steam type, custom sterilizers, water immersion retorts, pilot systems and inventory. The material handlers for example are divided into container handling solutions and even parts and accessories.

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Various well known companies and organizations have developed partnerships with Stock America in order to provide even better quality services and products. Some of these organizations are namely ACB Hydro lock, DFT Technologies, LAN handling systems international, Sundry S etc. With further growth more and more organizations are proposed to join in thus making the future even more secured and positive.

Nowadays, Stock America deal with heat sealed glass jars and plastic trays for cheese related products, Nutritional supplements, baby food formulas, MRE pouched food products, microwave rice, dairy based coffee products etc.


The website designed for Stock America deals with the business as well as the introductory aspect of the company. If you want to know more about the company then the news section is always updated in order to keep the customers and the clients well informed about what is going on within the organization. Stock America is having a very good reputation in the market and they are one of the best companies in the business.