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How To Use Stock Free Photos


The saying that a picture speaks a thousand words is even more relevant in today’s world of globalization. As a professional you have to communicate with colleagues, clients or vendors who are from different countries and different culture. Speaking every language is not possible and photos and pictures go a long way in ensuring that you get your message across. It is not possible for you to generate all types of pictures you require. There are Stock free photos web sites which will help you with relevant photos for free. Here are a few steps listed below as to how you can use Stock free photos:

Step 1

You are creating the important pre sales presentation for your overseas client. You have to quickly create few slides for your boss on your work. You want to train the client’s team of the new software. In all the above cases you want presentations to be as interesting and provide as much clarity as possible. Here the Stock free photos come to great use providing relevant and catchy photos.

Step 2

You are passionate about nature or pets or ocean or any area and want to create documents on that. Then find websites which provide specific Stock free photos. For example you may find photos on nature landscape. Then find relevant photos clicking on Clouds or lakes or ocean or sky or sunrise as you may require. If you are looking for plants you can find specific stock free photos as cactus or mushrooms or trees or herbs etc.

Step 3

Stock free photos can be used in various aspects like you can learn a about photography of a particular genre or about something like some area where you would like to visit during holidays by browsing through the extensive Stock free photos uploaded by some great web portals. Find stock free photos for commercial and professional use as well as educational, spiritual, for entertainment and personal use.

Step 4

In today’s world one of the million dollar questions is that how to increase the traffic of your website. You need to find answer to the fact that how to keep you’re your clients interested and make them come again and again. One way of enabling that is simply add a stock free photos search to your website. Give the visitors ample reason to come back to the web portal over and over again.

Step 5

You are a person who always wants to be on the right side of the law. So though the wonderful wide range of stock free photos seem to be too tempting you wonder if they have copyright. You are rightly concerned as numerous licensing agreements similar to copyright have emerged. These are sometimes called copy left and are licensed under GNU, Creative Commons, a site specific agreement etc. there are websites which will help you find the relevant stock photos and even the most relevant stock free photos.


There are several very useful sites providing a host of stock free photos in different areas of interest.


By Ignat Victor, published at 04/05/2012
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