10 Amazing Tips For Footage Stock
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10 Amazing Tips For Footage Stock

Published at 02/05/2012 14:01:39


10 Amazing Tips For Footage Stock

Footage stock, also called as file footage, is a term used for a video shot which was not originally shot for a particular video production. Producers and directors use this because sometimes it is difficult and also expensive to shot a specific element in a film. It is likely that footage stock may have been shot for a previous video production but not used. These footages can be used in documentaries, television soaps and series, commercials and even sometimes in proper movies. File footages which can be reused are images of wildlife, landmarks, cities and historical places.

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With the passage of time, video production has become as expensive as any other job. Keeping this in mind, many producers have started using footage stock in their short films and productions. As the industry has grown, so has the number of available file footage stock. Basically file footage falls into two main categories; rights-managed and royalty-free. In rights-managed, the producer has to buy a license in order to use it. On the other hand, in case of royalty-free, there is no need for any payment of copyrights.

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Just because the quantity of footage stock has increased, it does not mean that they are of the same quality. Finding the right footage can be as difficult and tedious as shooting a real video. Thus some guidelines should be followed to find the perfect footage for your project. First of all you have to look at the composition of the video clip; this means the way in which the visual subject is placed in the frame. A standard composition will include the subject in the middle of the frame to keep a balance. Secondly, the motion factor should be looked at properly. This refers to how the camera is moving with the movement of the object in study. After this, the performance of the clip should be taken into consideration, whether it is real or fake. Fourthly, a well constructed footage would have a nice lighting effect. Lighting can be natural or artificial. Another tip is to take into consideration the focal length used in the production. A camera with a short focal length will give a wider view of the background whereas a camera with a longer focal length will compress the background. Apart from this, another factor which is of much importance is the art direction in the footage. Location and authenticity of the clip is also important for any producer who is using the stock footage. An authentic clip means that it is backed up by proof and is reliable. After this the resolution and quality of the clip should be looked upon. Lastly the delivery of the footage is another important factor; this includes where you would be downloading the clip from internet or would have to go and meet somebody in order to get it.


10 Amazing Tips For Footage Stock

If you follow these ten simple yet basic tips for selecting your footage stock then it is highly predictable that you would be selecting from the best footage available. But the budget and time frame presented should be kept in mind while choosing the footage because some of the best footages are not free.

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