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Top 3 Flights Berlin


Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Many people from around the world visit Germany for passing vacations. Berlin is the city of culture, politics, media and sciences. It has world famous education around the world. Many students and visitors want to know the best 3 Berlin flights from their country. People want to contribute in Berlin progress by visiting the Germany.

Step 1

Berlin has two airports. One is Tegel Airport and other is Schönefeld Airport. It has 88 airlines served with 164 destinations in 54 countries. Lufthansa flights are on the top of the Berlin flights. It is the largest airline is Europe in terms of its passenger. These flights are on 4th number in the world.

Step 2

It is operating its services in 203 international destinations in 78 countries. The majority staff of this top Berlin flight is based in Frankfurt. Lufthansa fleet contains many aircraft like 15 Airbus A320s and seven Airbus A300-600. Lufthansa's headquarters is located in Cologne, Germany. It has also cargo service. It has also partner airlines. Air Malta, Air India, and Luxair are its partners. These Berlin flights have shares of many business parties.

Step 3

Air Berlin comes on 2nd number in Berlin flights. This airline comes on 6th number in Europe. These flights operate its large network in Asia, America and in North Africa. It also serves 23 cites of Germany. These Berlin flights expanded its network in 2001. It also included many aircraft in its fleet. Air Berlin started cooperation with different Airlines around the world. It has very good passenger service. It serves drinks, snacks and newspapers to all passengers.

Step 4

Etihad Airways is on the 3rd number in Berlin flights. This Airline operates more than 1,200 flights per week to over 82 destinations in nearly 52 countries, with a fleet of 66 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. United Arab Emirates owns this airline. It has the best service and flights all over the world. It serves different classes to people. It has first class called Diamond First Class. It has luxurious features. Business class is known as Pearl Business Class.

Step 5

The seats includes larger meal table. Economy class is known as the Coral Economy Class. It serves coffee and juices. Etihad Airways has a partnership agreement with many other airlines. Many people want to travel to Germany in economy class. It is the best Berlin flight.

Tip 6

All Berlin flights are not much expensive. It is best for passenger to travel to Germany in Berlin flights which he affords. Many people choose for cheap flights to Berlin. Finding cheap flights in Berlin is not difficult. The prices start from 150 GBP. There are many hotels and shopping malls in Berlin. People can travel with bus inside the city in order to save airfare.


The best time to visit Berlin is October. There are many vacation packages to Berlin. Many tourists search the Berlin flights schedule from internet. It is very easy method for them to find out the best destination to travel inside Berlin through Berlin flights.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/03/2012
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