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To achieve one or more pre-selected goals the set of analytical and management processes that will allow an organization to achieve best of their performance is known as business performance management. Corporate performance management and enterprise performance management are commonly known as business performance management.

The feature of handling large volume of data collection makes the process of business process management favorable among many software vendors particularly among those who are providing intelligent tools for help on the market. Many people now a day take business performance management as wrongly they perceive that this is the task that relies on the working of software systems. As well as the incorrect perception of business performance management can also be taken when we suggest it as software that is being used for the definition of some component. It is a sale driven task when we talk about the business performance management in their software community. Now a day the most highlighted area of business performance management is the area of business information analysis.


There are three main activities for business performance management. These activities for business performance management are the selection of goals which includes interventions, measure the information being monitored and consolidations made by managers for improving the performance of an organization in their future work to achieve their goals in best possible way. Business performance management transforms the strategies into actionable metrics and makes the use of analytics to expose the cause-and-effect relationships because in past owners have sought to drive strategy down across their organization. It also gives complete in sight of decision-making. The use of the set of management and analytic processes is made by business performance management which is supports by the technology which makes it able to define the strategy for achieving their goals. After achieving the goals there is always a question in mind that whether these goals which are achieved are according to those which we had planned before or not so measuring and managing the goals is more important. Financial planning, operational planning, business modeling, consolidation, reporting, analysis and monitoring are those key things which indicate the link to their strategy for which we do business performance management. Consolidation of data from various sources, analysis of data, querying and putting all these things together is the name of business performance management. There are many different methods for implementing the process of business performance management. The implementation of top to down approach is offered by the business performance management for strategy and tactics, planning and execution and to achieve the enterprise objectives.

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Six Sigma strategy, balanced scorecard, activity-based costing (ABC), Total Quality Management, economic value-add, integrated strategic measurement and Theory of Constraints are all included in the reaction state of business performance management. Most widely used performance methodology for business performance management is the balanced scorecard. However,these all methodologies cannot deliver the perfect result on their own we have to work hard.

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