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5 Ways To Increase Home Business Party Sales

Published at 02/10/2012 02:23:39


A home business party sales company is a viable way to earn extra money in your free time. Ensuring success takes drive and determination, along with the knowledge of how to find and appeal to your customer base. You can increase your home business party sales by using proven methods for attracting new clients while fostering ongoing business with existing customers.

Step 1

Advertise where your customers are sure to see you. If you sell children's toys, you don't want to advertise a home party sales business in a location primarily frequented by college students. Instead, place advertising fliers and brochures in child care centers, at child oriented businesses or near playgrounds and libraries. If you sell kitchen items, consider placing brochures or fliers on grocery store bulletin boards or posting your services in areas where homemakers or foodies hang out. Find out where your customers are and bring your advertising to them.

Step 2

Past customers are a veritable treasure trove of new business. Provide bonuses to existing customers for every new client they bring you. Bonuses can include discounts on future purchases or a free gift. Some home business party sales companies even supply you with gifts you can give out to your best customers. Print business cards and give each customer a few to share with their friends. People are more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend than a random advertisement.

Step 3

Most home business party sales are dependent on party hosts. The host of the party is a potential or existing customer whom offers to host the party and invite their friends and relatives, usually in exchange for a free gift or discount on any items they order. Bring plenty of samples to hand out and plan a few games. Use trial size items from the party line as prizes. A door prize of a larger item can also help draw more customers to the party. Don't forget to come prepared with plenty of catalogs, order forms and pens.

Step 4

Your home party sales business is dependent on future hosts and parties if it is to continue growing. Offer incentives at the close of each party for any guest whom offers to host a future party. You can provide a free gift or a small discount on their current order if they set up a party before they leave. You can also offer incentives for the amount of guests who come to each party or the amount purchased. A good host is more likely to spread the word and sponsor future parties if they feel appreciated and get a deal on the items they like, which helps increase sales for your home party business.

Step 5

If you are having trouble lining up hosts for parties, throw your own open house. Send invitations to everyone you know, print fliers and tap into your email contact list. Offer a door prize to get people to show up. Home business party sales don't have to take place at a party. You can also set up booths at events, such as fairs, some craft shows or city festivals. This brings your goods to a larger customer base and you may set up some future parties, too.


Contact your sales manager for advertising materials, samples and promotional items. They are there to help you build your home party sales business.

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