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How To Behave As a Construction Manager


We are going to touch on a subject which gives us an insight into how to behave as a Construction Manager, as far more responsibility rests on his shoulders than meet the eye. His main and foremost concern is to see that the projects he is responsible for are completed on time and within the budget specified by the client. The Construction Manager is selected on the basis of his ability, technical skills, clear recognition of time schedules, his involvement during design stage, and cost of the project. Apart from these abilities he also should have the ability to study machine layouts.

Step 1

A Construction Manager’s behavior entails building complex construction projects for prestigious clients. In many scenarios, he has to over see that construction has to be fitted into tight schedules set by the clients and work accordingly. Most of the giants in the construction industry notes how a Construction Manager behaves and appoints him because of his reputation of how a Construction Manager should behave. Hence, a very high caliber Construction Manager is selected for highly prestigious jobs being undertaken by the construction companies.

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What comes with age and experience is a rational Construction Manager, who is also expected to behave in a calm manner. A precise operator with a sharp eye for detail. A natural born leader, and an organizer with a fantastic rapport with clients and consultants. He should have the ability to manage and negotiate projects with high profile clients right from the conceptual stage of the project.

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Control of the project and involvement in how it is to be built is only one of the few of his strengths. His behavior entails the understanding of how to manage projects that have difficult access problems, are technically challenging and need to be completed to a very tight deadline. The success of a project depends on the behavior of it’s Construction Manager, his success depends on strong people management skills and also excellent time management.

Step 4

 An ambitious, organized and a driven person will enchance the reputation of the organization he is working for and also achieve optimum results from the staff working under him. Since his motto is “I do not suffer fools gladly but I do not need to loose my cool on site to achieve the results I have set out to gain”.

Step 5

He should have the highest respect of the people who report to him and his behavior should also command the respect not only from his subordinates but also from the sub contractors.


We had set out to explain how a Construction Manager should behave and realized to our utter amazement this subject is so vast and so deep that it will take us several pages to fill out how to behave as a Construction Manager, we have just managed to touch the very basic qualities of a Construction Manager, he is an individual who is driven, organized, confident in leading a large team to achieve results, possessing superb communicating skills and computer literate to top it all.

By Francis Kimiri Kimani Kimiri Kimani, published at 02/22/2012
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