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How Long Does the Construction Of An Office Building Take?


Companies now attach significant importance to the outlook of their conference rooms, offices and seating areas as research indicates that company’s reputation is positively linked with good ambience, interior and construction. Construction of office buildings however, is the most basic foundation upon which the entire outlook rests. If the construction is of superior quality and shows great efforts put in, it will usually lead to better environment along with interiors. Construction of office buildings is however, synonymous with taste and choice, implying that for maximum ambience and attractiveness decent choices should be finalized.


Buildings are other forms of structure have been constructed since the advent of mankind, and during medieval times as well. Normally construction of the world encompasses bridges, dams, roads, canals, houses and even swimming pools. With the passage of time the materials incorporated in construction have changed significantly. For example when man came into being construction consisted of using sticks and cloths, ancient Greece and Egypt used mud bricks and Roman s used hardened lime mortar also referred to as cement. Medieval construction consisted of using timber wood along with normal bricks conjoined with cement. The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century and the 20th century too, were what actually defined construction of an office building using steel and concrete structures. By this time, many specialized construction leaders began to write books on office building amongst other forms of construction and what it actually constitutes of.


An office building is usually referred to as the most tangible form of reflection of a profound change in the employment structure. Companies must focus on hiring construction of companies that are recognized in the office construction market, which requires an integrated approach. This approach focuses on ensuring increased productivity, satisfaction and job performance for the workers as a result of the positive, spaced out and convenient environment. The duration of a construction process is usually long and can take over round about a few months depending upon the size of the project.

Companies generally have guidelines related to specific requirements, which include the time period aspect too. For the construction of small office for purpose built building the time period required is relatively small. These offices tend to contain a few rooms and are around two storey high, and can be completed in a matter off 7 to 8 months. For large scale construction covering skyscrapers and around 10 to 20 storeys, the time required is considerably longer. These projects reach completion in 2 to 3 years, and can be speeded up by hiring additional construction workers under the supervision of current hired construction company. The reliability of the construction company is also a major factor that determines project time completion. The more certified the company the higher the likelihood of it completed the project early and vice versa.

Tips and comments

After construction the agreed amount should be paid to the company if they have carried out a satisfactory job. Reasons for satisfaction are supposed to include factors such as safety, health, technology efficiency, aesthetically pleasurable and accessibility. Upon dissatisfaction and non-completion of the project the company is liable to sue the organization the construction workers are employed for.

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