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Construction is basically a process that includes the putting together of any type of infrastructure or building any structure on a piece of property with the help of building material, machinery and labour. Construction includes the building and assembling of houses for residence, houses for selling purposes, the construction of buildings for commercial purposes or factories for industrial processes. It also includes the construction of infrastructure such as roads and dams for public and official use. The process of construction is used in the fields of engineering and architecture. Mishaps occur in every field existing such is the case with construction. A Construction accident can occur due to the slightest irresponsibility or carelessness.


An accident is any mishap that occurs unplanned or unintentionally. It can occur due to lack of attention for the slightest bit of time and in much cases cause serious damage. A construction accident is any mishap that is created during construction of any item due to any reason may it be lack of attention or anything else. A large number of such accidents have been recorded and it has been observed that many innocent people working in labour die during the process as well. In Europe, after the fishing sector Construction is the most dangerous land based work sector and the fatal rate at which workers suffer in the U.S and Europe is commendably high. The problem about a construction accident is not that the risks and possibilities of mishaps are unknown the problem is that they are unavoidable in a constant work environment. At times, even being extra careful can cause severe accidents and prove to be life threatening.


A whole team of workers is appointed before any construction project begins. A project manager, an architect, a construction manager, and an electrician, the working labour that would assemble the structure that is desired to be created all are kept in mind and hired before beginning the project and each one is assigned the task of looking over the sector they excel in. A construction accident could occur due to physical activity as well as mishaps that include electrical circuit breaks and fluctuations. Usually the injuries are caused due to falling from large heights, handling machinery inappropriately, the crashing of motor vehicles. None of this is done on purpose of course but can prove to be lethal. The rates of deaths have been seen increasing every year. Mostly, the deaths occur due to activities taken place during construction but workers on the site also go through a severe construction accident such as an electrical hazard and give away their lives.

Tips and comments

Although construction is considered to be one of the most dangerous sectors for work with increasing technology methods of safety have also increased. Different councils have been created that are solely working on Construction safety and to prevent the fatal rate of deaths and injuries from increasing any further. The success of these councils and the steps they are taking could result in decreasing the fatal rate of a construction accident. We hope to see the rate decreasing and more measures be taken for the safety of the labor.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/13/2012
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