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How To Do Tools Construction


In the construction process it is necessary to use some hand tools, which vary from one activity to another. The tools construction process is as follows:

Step 1

Deck: This is a hand tools construction is used to hit or strike, is shaped like a hammer but is larger and heavier. Also used is rubber or rubber mazaos known as pots for laying ceramic tiles or some soft material, which can damage the steel deck.

Step 2

Machete: A large knife but shorter than a sword. The tool typically measures less than the range of 60 cm and also has only one edge. This tools construction is also used to mow the grass.
Pala: A hand tool used for digging or moving materials with relatively little cohesion.

Step 3

Pico: A tool consisting of a bar of iron or steel, with a wooden handle. The tools construction is widely used for digging in hard ground and removes stones. It is used in the construction process to dig or remove loose material, and also in agricultural work,

Step 4

Macana: A tool consisting of a bar of iron or steel, with a wooden handle. The tools construction is used to make pits on hard.
Wheelbarrow: A hand tool used to carry relatively small loads and this tools construction is formed by a trough and a wheel.

Step 5

Hose is a flexible tube for conveying the water from one place to another and the tools construction sis used both for the construction process and for cleaning the work area.
Chisel: A hand tool, usually a hard metal, used to break concrete or stone or chisel to make channels or grooves in the wood.


Metal bracket: This tools construction is used for measuring or stroke normally used to check the perpendicularity or make perpendicular lines. There are fake squads for modifying the working angle.
Codal: An element used for marking or checking straight lines.
Pliers: A hand tools construction used to bend, cut or hold. The original design like a scissor others have derived more specific uses in plumbing, electrical and mechanical among others. It is a construction tool that is used for assembly of the trusses of straw.

Sources and Citations

Screwdrivers: A hand tool used to loosen small screws or SOCAR, the types of screwdrivers are a function of the shape of the head, the most common are flat or Philips type.
Tape measure: A measuring tools construction typically developed a flexible strip covered by a plastic shell. There are many sizes depending on the length, the most common are 2 to 10 meters.
Level: An instrument used to corroborate a horizontal or vertical element, works with a bubble of air in a container filled with some liquid and some marks on the outside when the bubble is the same distance of the marks is central level. Also over long distances using a clear hose filled with water which operates by the pressure difference between its ends.
Saw: The most usual construction is to find two types of saws and the saw blade, the first is normally used to cut wood and the second for cutting steel and plastic, both have a serrated blade that is responsible for cutting purposes.


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