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Get Top Tips For Trade Construction Jobs


Searching for trade construction jobs isn’t as painful as stepping on nails if you approach it in the right way. Now that you have decided to break into construction trades you should go about job search as any other professional would. The first step, which is very generic, is to prepare a portfolio that showcases the trade or skill in which you are planning to build your career. Market your pictures, CAD (Commercial Arts Drafting) sketches and small samples of your work where appropriate. Mentioned below are some tips that will prove helpful in your journey.

Step 1

Academics Matter

To set your right foot into the trade construction industry, trade schools give your career great start. Employers prefer someone who has received a formal education and degree in the trades. It means you are proactive. If you manage to find a trade school that offers an internship program, you graduate from school with hands-on experience and ready to start. Many construction trade jobs require a formal certification and you will need formal education in order to pass the certification exams. Employers want people that can hit the ground running and save their money, effort and time required for training. Moreover, internships and externships may turn into full-time work.

Step 2

Networking Pays

In addition to pursuing an education, it is equally essential to get to know people in the trade. Word of mouth is a powerful job search tool. Construction trade jobs seekers often find networking and involvement with local trade associations thrust their careers. Joining one good association that you genuinely participate in is better than joining many associations that you rarely attend.

Step 3

Find References

As a part of hiring process companies first check on construction trade jobs seekers references before hiring. In all probability, potential employers will call a candidate's trade school and ask first about students' attendance. Strong work ethics is the primary requirement of employers. These include people who show up and are on time. Being prepared with your reference list will be looked on favorably by potential employers, who will appreciate your professional approach to obtaining construction trade jobs.

Step 4

Training Programs for Construction Trade Jobs

Contact your local union and try to get into their apprenticeship program. Construction trade jobs seekers should keep in mind that union shops require union apprenticeships. Unions can catapult your career in construction trades as they generally have relationships with contractors and may be able to refer union members. While applying for membership exhibit character over confidence, willingness to learn, politeness towards customer, interaction skills and show up every day.

Step 5

Keep it Flexible

Economy powers the demand for employees in construction trades. Your bags must be packed to go where there are plenty of construction trade jobs. You retain the right to negotiate salary only after you have good experience under your belt. To catch a break you must be willing to work the off-shifts or ready for an overseas deputation. Constantly updating your portfolio and looking for better jobs should go side-by-side.



By Ignat Victor, published at 03/20/2012
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