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The Best Construction Tripod For Surveying


Before any sort of construction can be carried out, a site generally needs to be surveyed for a number of features. For example, the soil might need to be tested, the ground structure may need to be tested for firmness and level shapes, or the range of a site might need to be analyzed. These tasks can be uncomfortable to carry out as the ground often does not provide a clear base to place tools and devices on. Construction Tripods make a great number of tasks much easier to accomplish, as well as helping you accomplish them in a much better manner. Not only do they allow a level, steady base for placing equipment upon but construction tripods give the additional comfort of easy placement and a constant, repeatable position to work from.


Tripods generally refer to a piece of instrument that has 3 legs, adjustable in either length, position or both, and a common base at the end of these three legs. There are many types of tripods, each suited to its own particular use, such as use in photography, in chemistry or in construction. Construction tripods are generally used in construction applications. These applications can be of a wide variety, for example site surveys, site photography, site leveling etc. When speaking of construction applications the use of a tripod is especially important because a level ground, and consistent source to work from is of key importance.


There are a variety of construction tripods one can choose from. There are wooden leg tripods, glass leg tripods, or aluminum tripods. Aluminum is generally lighter in weight, but while this can be an advantage in terms of easier mobility or storage, it can also be a drawback because it slightly reduces the sturdiness of the tripod. When considering construction sites, it helps to remember that the ground is often not level, and that there is a great deal of commotion in the surrounding conditions generally. As a result, an ideal tripod is one that is flexible, in both position and the length of its legs. Some tripods even have clamps on the bottom of their legs, and this is also an important and useful feature to have in construction tripods.

Tips and comments

Setting up a tripod is generally quite easy and a construction tripod is no different. A tripod provides tremendous ease of access, and makes a multitude of tasks highly simpler, and as a result should most certainly be incorporated into most construction tasks. When carrying out site surveys, a construction tripod is especially useful, because it provides a wide range of viewing options, with a steady length and angle range. Furthermore, it provides a top plate that can provide a sturdy base for a variety of equipment and tools, which are bulky or otherwise unsuitable to carry by hand, and as result, for better results of a survey and more accurate findings, construction tripods should definitely be used in site surveys. These tripods should be sturdy, and adjustable, ideally of a slightly heavy material such as iron or steel, and should have a wide, steady and firm base at the top of it.

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/30/2012
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