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Worst Hazards in Construction Projects


Construction: one of the most daring jobs in the world and something that requires much will and large amount of dedication. However, when working on such a tough job, you must realize that there is a possibility that you will be exposed to a high level of danger and peril. Yet, hazards in construction happen all over the world and the most one can do is take care of their own well being. Moreover, it is imperative to not that the worst hazards in construction always take place when people on site are careless and nonchalant, hence, it must be the duty of every active citizen to prevent such accidents from taking place.


Hazards in construction date back to a time when people were more or less indifferent about the harm they had caused to their environment. However, over the years these hazards took place due to a distinct lack of pre-planning, a great amount of engineering loopholes and a vast variety of several other issues. Yet, with time hazards in construction decreased considerably after several social and environmental organizations took notice and therein, raised a hue and cry regarding the harm that these sites had caused to the atmosphere. Disasters such as the Cleveland East Ohio Gas Explosion, The Hyatt Regency Hotel Walkway Collapse and the Boston Molasses Disaster are probably some of the most fatal accidents in the history of mankind. Over time, constructors started to work more efficiently and plans were laid out after quite a lot of discussions and thoughts. This, however, did not prevent hazards from occurring entirely and therein, it became quite evident that while our world was greatly endangered by them, we could do nothing to stop these accidents from taking place completely.


Hazards in construction have quite a few subsequent consequences that can affect the environment adversely if not tackled properly. Moreover, these dire situations can lead to a large loss of precious human lives and great amounts of investment put into making these plans real. However, while dangerous hazards daily, almost all over the world, there are only a select few that are considered to be some of the worst hazards in history. Moreover, these hazards also cause deforestation, siltation and soil erosion much due to the base construction that takes place before the actual job. Of course, it is also pertinent to remember all the families involved in the deaths caused by such fatal jobs.

Tips and comments

When considering on taking up a job in the construction arena, it is imperative to remember that you must take an active stand for your surroundings before you continue to work in the vicinity. Make sure you mention insurance for your family in your contract in the event you become fall victim to any hazards in construction for you might as well secure your family’s future before taking up such a risky job. Lastly, ensure that you work with utmost dedication and efficiency; people are more or less, dependant on you for a better life and a safer atmosphere.

By Rahma Hasan, published at 03/31/2012
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Worst Hazards in Construction Projects. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.