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5 Tips For a Healthy Body in a Construction Career


Construction work can include painting buildings, installing fixtures and replacing brick structures. This type of work can be stressful on the body. For a healthy construction body, review the physical activities performed and find ways to keep yourself safe, such as safety glasses. Work with your manager to ensure a better construction body.

Step 1

Practice a healthy construction body with adequate rest. Construction work requires focus and dedication. The site has dangerous equipment and large machines. A person can suffer injuries on a construction site without a rested body. As a construction worker, look at what time you retire. You want to obtain a full night's rest. Part of a restful night involves setting the mood. There are simple ways to keep the mood relaxed for rest. Turn off all noises and shut off lights. The room should make you want to go to sleep. 

Step 2

Make sure that fluid intake stays high for a healthy construction body. One of the main fluids involves water. Water remains needed for our bodies, including the organs. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the body demands higher water content in hotter climates. Construction workers spend excess time outdoors, which includes hot weather. If you need to maintain a healthy construction body, carry water containers in your bag. You do not have to drink water only. If you desire other beverages, stick with low-sugar beverages. For example, order a sugar-free iced tea with a low-fat turkey sandwich on wheat bread.

Step 3

Ensure personal safety for a healthy construction body. Safety is critical for any job site. Otherwise, employers face being fined by government and state agencies. Construction work can be extremely dangerous. The danger comes from different sources. Bricks can fall off buildings and ladders can break. As a worker, you should be proactive and pay attention to personal safety. For example, know how to wear your proper protective gear, such as helmets. It is easy to forget about personal safety gear. If you notice problems with protective gear, contact your construction supervisor who can get you replacements. 

Step 4

Visit a physician for a healthy construction body. Some types of careers require more physical activity than others. These careers can require working indoors or outdoors, such as construction. Construction work can be intense and difficult on the body. A physician can offer advice about screenings, healthy eating and nutrition. Make sure that you spend enough time with your physician. Have a list of questions for your physician. Let the physician know the type of work you perform and how your body feels after work. Otherwise, you may forget which questions to ask.

Step 5

Participate in safety training at work for a healthy construction body. Personal safety is not the only type of healthy construction body safety. Construction site safety comes from your construction supervisors and union representatives. Many construction safety training programs take place throughout the year. The programs can be in video, audio or lecture form. If your company or union does not offer sufficient safety training, speak to them. You deserve to work in a safe environment and government agencies demand it. Pay attention to what you learn in the training. For example, you may be taught about handling certain equipment safely. 


Do not skip meals when aiming for a healthy construction body. 

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By Cherrine Banks, published at 04/03/2012
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