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The construction field offers a variety of career opportunities. People with a wide variety of skills and education can find construction careers in the construction field.

Construction Careers -  Trade Occupations

The majority of workers in the construction industry work in the construction careers occupations. This includes craft workers, such as plumbers and electricians, and construction laborers. These occupations are broken down further into classifications such as mechanical, structural and finishing workers. Many workers perform activities in more than one classification. Mechanical workers install the material and equipment for the basic functioning of the building. These workers include electricians, plumbers, heating and air conditioning mechanics, installers, and steamfitters. These occupations require a combination of on-the-job and formal education. Most mechanical workers are required to have a license in their field and to complete continuing education. Structural workers build the main external and internal structure of a building. This classification includes brick masons, stonemasons, metalworkers and carpenters. These workers might begin as helpers and laborers to learn their trade. Finishing workers include drywall installers, painters and stucco masons. They perform the functions that give a structure its final, finished appearance. These construction careers workers also gain their training on-the-job.

Construction Careers - Mechanical and Installation Occupations

Construction careers in mechanical and installation entails working outside the construction trade but may play a large part in the initial construction of a structure. Elevator installer and repairers replace, install and assemble escalators and elevators in old and new buildings. You can learn this trade through a formal apprenticeship program that lasts as long as four years. Some college level education is required before licensure is possible for jobs that involve blueprint reading and electronics. Material moving occupations move earth, heavy material and construction materials to and from construction job sites. Workers in this field may also be responsible for moving the construction equipment itself. You would need a commercial driver’s license is to operate most of the machinery used in this field. The requirements for this license and the specific type of license required vary from state to state. Heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers work with the systems that control the humidity, temperature and air quality in structures. You can train for these construction careers at local and community colleges. You can complete these certificate programs in as little as six months.

Construction Careers - Managerial Occupations

Construction managers may supervise the construction crew itself or the project as a whole. Larger projects have several managers, all responsible for different components of the structure. Construction experience, good organizational skills and supervisory ability are necessary to work in these construction careers. A manager is responsible for keeping a project on schedule, tracking material deliveries, assigning work and making sure that all aspects of the project are working together. Managerial occupations also include all the administrative support and office positions. Managerial personnel usually have a college degree in business or considerable experience in their specialty field. Office positions do not normally require a degree, but preference is usually given to those that have a degree, especially in positions such as accounting.

Tips and comments

It is important to only sign on with a reputable construction company. There are many local requirements that must be followed when building a structure. If a requirement is not met, legal action can be taken against the construction company.

Construction careers are easy to find online and in the local newspaper.

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