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5 Tips on Cleaning a Little Tikes Construction Sandbox


Most children enjoy playing outside especially during the summer time. One of the simplest ways to keep your child playful, active and also busy is to purchase a little tikes construction sandbox. These sandboxes are excellent at keeping a child calm and happy. It also enhances imaginative play in your little one because they can do so many activities. They can use the sand box to play dump trucks, plant a garden, plant flowers or even to make some awesome sand castles in (using some water of course).

When having a sand box you should always make sure that it is kept clean due to insects, or even animals that may decide to use your sand box as a litter box. Even if you little tikes construction sandbox is kept covered over you still will want to make sure to clean it to avoid germs being inside the sand or bugs that can easily work their way under the lid of the sandbox.

Step 1

One of the first steps that you need to take is to empty all of the sand out of the little tikes construction sandbox. Be sure to dump the sand away from your home as sometimes sand can attract unwanted insects to your home. You may be able to even use the sand around some outdoor plants as long as the sand appears clean with no cat poop, urine or unwanted necessities. If possible position your sandbox on a concrete driveway or on a porch because trying to wash this out on the ground will just get dirt back inside of the little tikes construction sandbox later on in the whole process.



Step 2

Flip the sandbox up on one side and rinse out with a garden hose thoroughly. Make sure that you start hosing the little tikes construction sandbox from the top across ways all the way to the bottom of the sand box. Dump all excess water out of the sand box.


Step 3

Get a large bucket with warm water and add dishwashing soap to it. Also add about 1/8 cup of bleach for cleansing purposes. If you do not feel comfortable using bleach you can also use white distilled or apple cider vinegar on the sandbox instead. Be sure if you use vinegar to add about 1-2 cups (depending up on how large of a sandbox that you have for your child).


Step 4

Using a large sponge dip into the bucket mixture and clean out the interior of the sandbox but using a up and down scrubbing motion. Be sure if the sandbox has any crannies to clean those out good, if needed use q tips to reach any small places inside of the sand box. Be sure to not let the soap dry onto the sand box and if possible wash out of direct sunlight when cleaning out you little tikes construction sandbox.


Step 5

Hose off the little tikes construction sandbox using a garden hose, if there isn't one available just use a clean bucket with plain water to rinse out the sand box with. If you have an eager child who is wanting to get directly into his or her sandbox you can dry off the sandbox with shop rags or a large towel, which would work much better. If you have a while you can let this dry out by playing in the sunlight.

Now you have a nice fresh little tikes construction sandbox that you will be able to refill with sand for your little one once again.

Tips and Comments

Be sure that if your little tikes construction sandbox has a lid to check for any cracks that may let rain or other things inside of the sand box. If the lid is cracker or has any punctures you can fix these easily using duck tape or superglue to fill in the holes with.


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