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How They Do Breast Cancer Reconstruction Surgery


The breast cancer reconstruction surgery is the type of plastic surgery in which the breast is treated for redevelopment. The breast cancer reconstruction surgery is done after the removal of the breast due to breast cancer. Many women go through breast reconstruction surgery after their mastectomy. There are two major methods for this surgery.






Step 1

Breast Implant

The breast implant is one of the two widely used breast cancer reconstruction surgery method. This method is good for immediate reconstruction of the breast. The skin in this method needs to be stretched before performing the reconstruction surgery. In breast implantation, a temporary expander is placed beneath the skin and chest. This expander is like a balloon which is blown by filling saline solution, periodically. Once the skin is stretched, the expander is being removed and replaced with the permanent implant. But there are conditions under which the temporary expander is left within the skin. This expander implantation can be done immediately after the mastectomy or it can be placed after some time, depending upon the conditions and circumstances.

Step 2

The type of the expander and its location is chosen by the plastic surgeon, performing the surgery. In breast implant breast cancer reconstruction surgery, the type of fluid injected into the expander largely depends upon the inserted expander. The fluid is injected from different time intervals either directly into the expander or into any other port near it. The injection process continues for sometime till the desired result is obtained. This whole process usually takes six to twelve weeks for completion. After this, the skin is left for stabilization and loosening. Once the skin is ready, the expander is replaced with the permanent implantation.


Step 3

Living Tissue Reconstruction.

Living tissue reconstruction is the second method of breast cancer reconstruction surgery. This is becoming common day by day even though this is a complicated and lengthy surgery process. In the living tissue reconstruction method of breast cancer reconstruction surgery, the living tissues of the other breast are induced on the affected side or area. In this implantation of natural tissues, there is no need of inducing any unnatural or synthesized material like expanders.


The problem with this procedure is that it requires a longer stay in hospital, longer recovery period, leaves more scars on the skin and may loosen up or weaken the area from where tissues are extracted. The longer recovery duration and weakening of the area from where tissues are extracted is not acceptable for many. This is the main reason for which people avoid this method. But at the end of the day, the result is natural growth of breast.


The living tissue reconstruction is done through different methods. The most common methods are TRAM (Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous) flap, Latissimus dorsi flap, and flaps from other regions of the body. In TRAM method, the tissues are extracted from abdominal rectus muscles. In Latissimus dorsi method, the tissues are extracted from latissimus in the back of a human body. The third method consists of extraction of tissues from any other part of the body. So far not many side effects are reported, but it’s better to discuss with the surgeon before going through any type of breast cancer reconstruction surgery.

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