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Heavy equipment is an important part of the construction industry. No construction can take place without the involvement of such machinery. From a single-story building to sky scrapper, heavy machinery is used. Heavy equipment construction is used across the world and in every construction.

The construction of bridges, canals, highway and tunnels relies heavily on heavy equipment construction. The heavy equipment construction helps finish the construction work in time. We surely cannot neglect the role of labor in project completion but humans cannot do everything. They need the help of heavy equipment construction. With the increasing competition in the construction industry, the use of heavy equipment construction is also increasing.

Heavy equipment construction is not a very big industry because of its high technical, technological and financial requirements. Setting up a heavy equipment construction facility requires extensive planning and huge investments. The strength of facilities producing such machinery is very much less than the strength of facilities of other industry. Many construction firms prefer not to own the machinery but to rent it for a period because of their high maintenance cost. Not only their buying requires a handsome amount of money but a heavy budget for maintenance is needed too.





Another thing taken into account while talking about heavy equipment construction is that they get obsolete rapidly. Due to technological advancement, every year a new model of heavy machinery are introduced by the manufacturers. So buying heavy equipment construction is not feasible for many of the companies and they prefer to lease the machinery. Although, the leasing cost is very high too but it is still lower than buying the equipment and its regular maintenance.


During construction, operating heavy equipment requires a responsible and expert person. One single mistake may result in the loss of thousands of bucks. Mishandling or wrong use of this machinery can take someone’s life too. So, the people who are designated to operate heavy machinery must operate it with great care. There are technical courses offered by different institutes regarding the use of machinery. The operator of the machinery should not be an addict; he should be fit both mentally and physically. Every year many cases are reported in which the operator is found responsible for mishandling or misuse of heavy equipment. It is the job of the recruiter to test the candidate before hiring him for the job of machine operator.


Building a heavy equipment construction facility requires extensive technical and technological knowledge. Before doing so, the person should acquire some experience in the same industry so that he gets to know the processes and procedures of the business. Heavy machinery helps the construction companies in increasing their efficiency and meeting the given deadline. In today’s competitive environment, no construction is possible without the use of the machinery. Loader is one of the most widely used heavy equipment. It is used in loading of material like asphalt, demolition debris and other material used in construction work. Some other examples of heavy equipment are cranes, bulldozers and excavators; all of these are used in construction.

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