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How To Make Post And Construction

Published at 02/04/2012 20:13:25


With the increased number of mediums, there are various ways for post and construction to make. It depends upon a number of factors. These factors include materials, their availability and quality, Purpose of making the building such as for home purpose, office or a restaurant type. Ethnicity of the builder and local geographical locations also matter a lot while making post and construction. The techniques commonly used are post and beam, pole, western barn garage, monitor and modern barns.

Step 1

Formerly people used to built huts and shelters from simple tools and through their hands. With the time, professional people such as craftsmen and carpenters are becoming popular. People also higher labor from outside or may use there own slaves for this purpose. In the 19th century, discovery of constructing buildings through machineries have started. Now, there is a separate field of study i.e. Architecture designing which allows creation of structures that reflect exquisiteness and ingenuity of human brain. In societies, as the rate of population increases so the number of buildings. This is because the numbers of places the people want as their residencies and to work in. With the changing pace of society, like the changing economies, norms and values do change as well. People are stylizing themselves more and more.

Step 2

Make a plan; see where the timber should be placed. With the help of fork lift, place timbers as planned. Lay them on surface and level them. Join them together by bolts and steel plates. Now is the time to raise bents with the help of telescoping forklift. Place it on foundation and bolt it there using foundation bolts. In order to secure the framework when raising the bents, tie them together with 2x6 grits and 3x6 purloins and nails them in place. By using 8 penny ring shank nails, nail roof sheathing, board and batten in place. Install the roofing. Then hang the doors and as well as windows. For doors, bolt hardware and track in place, slide doors rollers into them and lastly install end blocks. For windows, make the frame and opening; trim them with 1x3 battens. There is no need to include headers instead timber frame would work well. In making post and construction, windows can be placed anywhere. The last part is to build loft and stairs. For loft, loft joists needs to be put on center and covered with a 1x8 loft decking. For stairs, notches are required to be cut in 2x10 and nail it in place according to 2x10 treads.


Make post and construction; enjoy the whole process while doing. Take pictures while going through the whole process. Invite guests, like the close acquaintances; friends and relatives to see your hard work and construction. Share the pictures of finished post to show it to other friends through email or face book. Also provide other people with the whole process, the pictures, the difficulties you faced while designing and making post and construction. Also enlist the ways you did to over come them; to others by placing it on website.


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