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Introduction to breast reconstruction:
Breasts are special mammary gland indicative feature of class Mammalia. It’s well developed in females but rudimentary in males. Known for their importance as female beauty parts, the process of breast reconstruction has gained enormous popularity as a routine procedure. The indications for this breast reconstruction process are mainly cosmetic as done after mastectomy (removal of breast tissue due to cancer) or even as a procedure under plastic surgery observation because of the above mentioned beauty point. Breast reconstruction is a term used by general public. You can find good plastic surgeon in every corner of country but of course the price range is high for it is not ethically accepted and is not promoted as other reconstructive procedural approaches.


What is breast reconstruction?
Breast reconstruction is exemplified as rebuilding of a breast tissue, most commonly in women. It involves using tissue from the patient’s own body such as a muscle flap or any artificial supporting material called prosthetic to construct a better looking breast that appears natural too. Often the reformation of areola and nipple are also the part of the reconstructive process. Patient’s own tissue or flaps from muscles can be used. Breast construction is done for cosmetic procedure or reconstructive after mastectomy. The procedure can be primary as done immediately after mastectomy or secondary as to delay reconstruction after mastectomy due to high risk patients such as those with diabetes, hypertension etc. the primary breast construction procedure carries the risk of infections but is more satisfying psychologically and functionally.


Procedure of breast reconstruction:

Flap technique: In this kind of reconstructive procedure, a piece of skin and sub cutaneous tissue is used to cover the breast tissue. Lack of tissue can be due to radiation, trauma or mastectomy. Donor site is usually lower abdomen or buttocks or epigastria region lower flap. A back muscle flap is added to not only keep the blood supply but as to support the breast tissue reconstruction.

Tissue expansion: A breast implant expansion is done as healthy skin cover the expander tissue, which is most of the time patient own tissue. It helps easy healing recovery. This requires various follow up visits for complications check and a second surgery is performed to remove the expander.

Breast implant placements: It’s a kind of an alternative to both procedures discussed above and in this foreign substances is used as a prosthetic implant. You may ask your doctor about various types of implants and which one is best for you. Saline and silicone are well known commonly used implants.

Grafting techniques: Usually it’s the finalizing technique in breast reconstruction; this employs the grafting of nipple and areola. It recreates or lifts up the shape of breast by shifting its openings.

Tips and comments

Follow up after breast reconstruction:
The terms such as breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction are similar to the breastreconstruction but have different approach techniques and different prognostic and follow up issues. Only one breast can be reconstructed too. Breast reconstruction can rebuild your shape as you wanted but results are highly variable from person to person. A breast reconstruction candidate can be one who feel ashamed due to missing breast, feels pain or agony. Also the one which don’t have any other chronic illness, risk factor or is ready to follow up with medical treatment and psychologically accepts the reconstructive changes. Heliotherapy is best known for damping the post-surgical complications of breast reconstruction.

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