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7 Ideas For a Construction Party Theme


When planning your construction party theme, keep in mind the ages of the party guest. Construction ideas for a party theme can be simple or complex. Use creative materials and party locations to make the theme come to life for the children. Your construction party theme doesn't have to be complicated to be enjoyable.

Step 1

Building is integral to a construction party theme. Break out the building blocks, whether plastic or wood, and have a building party. Younger kids can do free form building play while older children will become excited if specific challenges are set forth, such as building a specific structure. Award prizes for the best, most creative and silliest structures.

Step 2

Take the party outside. Construction party themes can revolve more around construction equipment instead of the buildings themselves. Create a large sand pile by covering a large tarp with sand or filling a plastic swimming pool with sand. Give the kids plenty of buckets, shovels and toy construction trucks to play in the sand with. Top it off with a barbecue and cake decorated to match the construction party theme.

Step 3

Select decorations that pop so your construction party theme is evident regardless of where you host the party. Caution tape from a party store or hardware store provides streamers. Use yellow and black balloons. You can also create your own construction signs with yellow or orange poster board. Cut out large tool shapes from poster board or craft foam and hang these from the ceiling for further decoration.

Step 4

Building something doubles as an activity and provides a construction party theme favor. You can use ready to build kits or put together your own activity. Keep the construction simple, such as making a simple toy boat. Predrill any screw holes or mark out where the nails go. Make sure you have enough adults to supervise and plenty of child size tools so the guests aren't waiting for help.

Step 5

Build a house at your construction theme party. Provide boxes in multiple sizes. Make sure a couple are large enough for the kids to walk into. Refrigerator and appliance boxes work especially well. The kids can make their building from the boxes and hold it together with packing tape. Adults will need to cut out windows and doors where the children indicate. When the structure is done, the guests can then paint it and put on the finishing touches. Use quick drying paints or markers to minimize the mess.

Step 6

Costumes help the guests get in the party mood. Provide construction party theme items instead of the traditional party hat. Orange vests and hard hats are the most common items seen on construction sites. You can make simple vests from paper grocery bags cut and painted orange, or you can cut a vest out of orange felt. Hard hats are available at toy stores and from party supply companies. Label the items with the guests names so they can find them easily before they head home.

Step 7

A building site provides great inspiration for a construction party theme cake. Use chocolate frosting covered with chocolate cookie crumbs to resemble dirt, then add toy construction vehicles to complete the picture. If you prefer cupcakes, decorate them with miniature plastic tools. You could take this a step further and make the cake so it resembles a tool box.

By Jenny Ross, published at 02/22/2012
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