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How To Make Construction Paper Flowers


Construction paper flowers require minimal time to make, and they are simple enough that even young children can create them without involved adult supervision. Use a variety of construction paper colors to add visual interest to your flowers. You can make generic construction paper flowers or cut out the flower shapes so they resemble real blooms, such as roses, daffodils or daisies. Creating the stems and display container adds a further handmade touch to your bouquet and also makes it perfect for giving to someone special.

Step 1

Draw the flower shape on sturdy decorative paper or construction paper. Use a cardboard template to draw each construction paper flowers shape or trace around a flower shaped cookie cutter. For more complicated flowers, use two or more flower templates that are the same shape but slightly different sizes. Cut out the flower shapes with a pair of sharp scissors. If you are using multiple templates, stack the shapes on top of each other with the largest flower on the bottom and the smallest on top. Using a different color of paper for each layer makes the different petals stand out more.

Step 2

Poke a hole through the center of the construction paper flowers. Insert a metal split brad through the hole. Fold the split pegs on the brad open to secure the flower layers together. The brad isn't necessary if you are using only one flower shape per flower. Curl the edges of the flower petals around a pencil to give them their shape. For the stacked flower method, you can bend the petals on the smallest flower inward while curling the petals on the large flower in the back only slightly. Play around with the bends and folds until you get a shape you find pleasing.

Step 3

Make a stem and leaves for the construction paper flowers. Wrap a sturdy stick with green floral tape. Use a chopstick, wooden skewer or a twig to form the stick and base of the stem. Alternatively, use green pipe cleaner. Add leaves by cutting your desired leaf shape from green construction paper. Leave a tab of paper attached to the bottom of each paper leaf. When wrapping the floral tape around the stick catch the leaf tab in the tape to hold it onto the stick without the need for tape or glue. Floral tape is readily available from craft stores and florists.

Step 4

Attach the construction paper flowers to the stems and display them. Use hot glue or craft glue to attach the complete paper flower to the top of the stem. Dress up the center of each flower by gluing a button, bead or rhinestone over the top of the brad, or you can leave the brad plain.

Step 5

Make a display for your construction paper flowers. You can bundle several flowers and tie the stems together with a ribbon to make a bouquet, or display them in a vase. Make your own vase by wrapping a plain jar or soup can with pretty paper. Another option is to paint the jar or can with the design of your choosing.

By Jenny Ross, published at 02/22/2012
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