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How To Make Construction Party Invitations


If you are throwing a construction party, invitations that help get your guests excited about the theme are a necessary item. Construction parties are generally themed events suitable for children who like building things or whom get excited by large construction equipment. You can keep the construction party invitations simple and handmade or you can use your computer to create a more professional looking invite.

Step 1

Cut two squares of yellow construction paper for each construction party invitation you are making. Make each square approximately 4 inches in size. You need two squares for each construction party invitation. If you are using your printer to make the construction party invitations, load it with yellow printer paper. Keep the invitation wording small enough to fit onto a 4-inch square once you have printed out the construction party invitation.

Step 2

Orient the square so it is a diamond shape. Write “CAUTION” in black, bold letters across the center of one of the construction party invitation squares. Beneath the word caution, write, “Party Ahead.” Alternatively, use a bold font and print these words onto your yellow paper, then cut the diamond-shapes from the construction party invitation paper so the words are centered in the middle.

Step 3

Write the party details on the second diamond shaped piece of paper. Include the guest of honor's name, the time, date and the location. You may also want to include a contact number and an RSVP request. On the computer, type all this information small enough to fit into your diamond, then print it out on yellow paper. Cut out the diamond shapes after you have printed the information. These are the back of the construction party invitations.

Step 4

Place a wood craft stick between the two pieces of construction party invitation paper, creating a handle. The caution sign shows on the front and the construction party invitation wording is on the back. Glue the two paper pieces to the stick so it resembles the caution signs used by construction workers.

Step 5

Secure the edges of the construction party invitations together with short pieces of black electrical tape. Space the tape equally apart on all sides so it resembles the black caution stripes used on real construction signs. Use scissors to trim the tape pieces so they are all the same length. Alternatively, you can just use regular white craft glue to secure the construction party invitation together and either draw or print the black stripes around the edges of the sign. Make sure the stripes show on both the front and back, but arrange them so they don't cover any of the words on the construction party invitations.

Step 6

Purchase envelopes large enough to hold the construction party invitations if you are mailing them to your guests, otherwise you can present the invites without an envelope. Trim the stick handle so it's shorter if it is too long to fit into the envelopes you are using. You can further decorate the construction party invitation envelope by adding stickers or drawings with a construction theme.


Place a thin piece of cardboard, such as one cut from a cereal box, between the two layers of the construction party invitation paper if the sign feels flimsy.

In some areas construction signs are typically orange, so feel free to substitute orange paper for the yellow when making your construction party invitations if desired.

Create larger signs like the ones you used for your construction party invitations to hand out to guests as party favors. Young children will especially enjoy using the construction party invitations as toys.

By Jenny Ross, published at 02/10/2012
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