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How To Get Federal Grants For Small Business

Published at 07/19/2011 11:23:09

 Small business success is vital to the economy, yet entrepreneurs are faced with taking quite a bit of financial risk, which leaves many people with great ideas who never pursue them. The government doesn't want that to happen, which is government business grants are made available to people with great start up ideas and those who want to expand their business.

1. Before you request government business grants, you'll want to polish up your resources. Have a well thought out business plan, know your costs of doing business, profit margins, how much startup capital you need, and how much you expect your business to grow. The grant agent will want to see that you have a clear plan to turn a profit and grow your business. After all, while government business grants may be free money, they still see it as an investment. When you succeed, that means more income and sales tax coming back into the system for years to come.

2. Now that you have your documents and a general sense of how much money you need, you are ready to apply for government business grants. But first you need to find them. The grant programs provided through your local government have the greatest stake in your success, but don't overlook state and federal grant programs. It may be easier to get approved for local government business grants, but the big money is offered at the federal level. See resources below for help on how to find available grants.

3. Now that you know how much funding is available and where to get it, carefully review the application process and submit your documents. There is no limit on the number of grants you can apply for, so don't hold back. Some are pretty straight forward in terms of the application process, while others may require a more thorough review. If you get stuck, consider hiring a grant writer to help you obtain the financing you need.

4. Once you receive your free grant money, don't stop there. Find and apply for other government business grants. After all, unlike small business loans, you'll never have to pay this money back.

Tips and comments:

Here the list of tips for applying the small business grants that would be very helpful to the business owners.

Set a Business Plan

Having a business plan can be very useful in applying the small business grants. It will help the government to see into the company’s object. The business plan will work perfectly as a grant proposal, it will explain the purpose of the business owner to the review committee and what would the money be spent for. There are so many examples when the business owners employ an expert grant writer to help them in preparing a small business government grant.

Get Familiar with State-Level Grants

Since most of small business grants are available at a state level, it is very important to the future applicant to know the level of the grants. For small business owners, each state usually has a website which is including the information involves to the different programs, grants and opportunities. To find further information, the future applicant is recommended to visit the US government’s official site and viewing their state’s programs and grants. Simply visit the US Government’s official Information site for more information of small business grant.

Get More Information from SBA

Even though the Small Business Administration does not offer direct grants to small business owners, they can be a good resource for small business owners. SBA is capable to give the latest news since they are keeping up to date on the latest grants being offered. To guarantee that the information they are providing is the latest one, they work closely with certain government agencies and foundations which offer grants for small business owners.

Research Particular Grants

There are businesses owners who need particular grant or provide particular services. These kinds of business owners are required to do some more research to find the grant they need. Include the particular object and or need of the business so the reviewer will understand and finally awarded the grant. However, it is not only the particular business that needs more research; the common small business does need too. Research for the grant would increase the possibility in getting the grant.

Business with Bigger Contribution is Preferred

Business that gives something for their local community is often approved by the grant committee. It means that contribution would affect the judgment. For instance, a grant for an owner-operated small business may not be given as quickly as a grant for a business that will create 10 jobs within the community. So, it is recommended for the business owner to make a list of benefits the business will have on the community and put it on the application or proposal.

Please Write Down the Application Thoroughly and Carefully

Make sure that there are no typographical, grammatical or any other kinds of errors on the application. Tell every detail of information correctly and written in a concise, easy to read manner. To make sure that there is no any errors got left on the application or proposal; ask some help to someone to look over it. It can be done with hiring a proofreader to give it a thorough examination.

Have a nice writing proposal and may the list of the tips help the business owners in increasing the chance of receiving a monetary aid for their small business.


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