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6 Tips You Must Know About Marketing Email Software


The marketing email software is a useful tool that allows you to send a large number of messages at the same time, so the word about your product will reach hundreds of possible buyers in a few seconds. However, make sure not to spam the respective users, as the line between spam and marketing is thin, and you could cross it without even realizing.

Step 1

You are allowed to use the marketing email software to send mail only to people that approved for you to send those mails, or only to the people you have already exchanged correspondence. The marketing email software has not possibility to check this aspect, but it is an unwritten rule of the Internet, therefore you should consider it.

Step 2

The marketing email software usually has a tool that automatically removes the users that don’t want to receive your mail. It is important to use those tools. The clients that don’t want to receive your mail will surely be annoyed if you continue to send those mails, so it is better to stop. The marketing email software will help you in doing this.

Step 3

If you continue to use the marketing email software abusively, your partners will stop working with you, and even if you have the best offer on the market, it will probably be ignored. Nobody wants to work with a company that has no principles and no rules to set their business on.

Step 4

If you want to use the marketing email software to send mails to several persons, it is better to create groups first. This option will spare you to manually select the address of each one of those persons. Make sure you have the list active, and always use it to send mails only to people that really want to receive those mails. In case of errors, marketing email software will allow you to modify the list make sure you have an interesting message that attracts the buyers. Sometimes, your mail is read only once, so you will have to make sure the message was received by the respective person.

Step 5

Of course, there is also the possibility to introduce a confirming mail feature. This way, the marketing email software could determine who read your mail and who didn’t. However, this option is useful only for companies that send mails for a designed group of people that are a part of a survey, as in a marketing campaign, it is better to avoid this feature.


As there are a large number of people abusing the marketing email software, you should protect your business from such persons, some function applied by some software developers might be able to cheat the filter, and to deliver the mail directly to the sender’s inbox. However, this is not the purpose of the marketing email software, and if you use it this way, you will do it at your own risk. The developers thought about this program as a useful tool for the constructive webmasters that want to keep their visitors informed about their products and services, not for spammers and cheaters.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/21/2012
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6 Tips You Must Know About Marketing Email Software. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.