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6 Tips You Must Know About Engine Marketing

Published at 02/16/2012 02:32:14


Like many people new to the enticing world of online business, you may have just plunged hundreds of dollars (perhaps even thousands!) to commission a professional web developer to build your slick new website. Well, that wasn’t so hard was it? Now, all you have to do is just sit back and watch the money pile on… right? Well dear reader, if you really thought making it online would be that easy, you will be in for a world of disappointment! That’s because there are many other competing websites (potentially thousands of them!) already established to go after the same business as your new site. So just how do you make sure that it is your website that customers click on after searching on Google for a product or service you carry, instead of your competition’s? The answer lies in a practice you must appreciate to successfully compete online; a practice known as “search engine marketing”. In this article, you will learn about the top 6 search engine marketing tips that your online business simply can’t live without.

Step 1

The first and the most important tip for search engine marketing is to actually submit your website address to as many search engines as possible (especially Google, Yahoo! and Bing) so they can know that your site actually exists! Submitting your site’s address is simple, and free! Just go to the search engine’s website and look for a link to send submissions.

Step 2

As you know, business is about selling relevant products. Help your search engine marketing strategy by making sure that your web pages actually have the content that your potential customers are searching for! Search engines thrive on relevant content! Make doubly sure that your content is free of spelling and grammatical mistakes as these screw-ups will lower your ranking on search results.

Step 3

The next search engine marketing advice is to keep posting as much new and relevant content on your site as you possibly can! This key step will keep bringing in those popular search engines to your site to satisfy their voracious appetite for content! They want it, so give it to them, and give often! And they will reward you generously with visitors!


Next, use “meta-tag” keywords to describe your pages. Although the search giant Google is not believed to take meta-tags into account when evaluating website ranking, it certainly doesn’t hurt! Remember: Google is not the only search engine out there, and plenty of search engines do use meta-tags!

The fifth search engine marketing tip is to use highly descriptive URLs for product pages. For example, instead of naming a product URL “part05.html”, be more descriptive by changing the name to “2007_Honda_engine_intake_valve_seal.html”. This will help you score more points with search engines which are looking at that page for context.
The sixth and final search engine marketing tip your business can’t live without – back links! If other sites start linking to your business, then search engines will know you have desirable content – and start ranking you accordingly!