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5 Things You Must Know About Communications Marketing


Before talking about the advertising strategies, it is important that we have a large vision of the communications marketing, in general. We need to see the concept of communications marketing in a tied connection with the market mix, and to understand the mechanisms of this competitive market.

Step 1

At first, communications marketing was conceived as representing a mix made by four elements (advertising, personal sales, the sales’ promotion and public relationships, or by specific elaborate messages to start opinions, feelings or behaviors. This kind of communications marketing corresponds to a certain situation and it is a part of the market mix, along with product, price and distribution.

Step 2

This approach is a rather simplistic one, in which we basically consider the communication market and promotion, being equal. However, this kind of marketing represents a more complex concept, which has in itself the promotion. Thus, it is appreciated that there are two big components in the communications marketing, judging by its contents: the promotional communication and the continuous communication.

Step 3

The techniques used for the first one are: publicity, promoting sales, public relationships, the sales force and the direct marketing. The continuous communication’s means are: the brand, the design and the package, the architectonics and others.

Step 4

Over the years, the system of communications marketing has developed in its complexity and more and more companies felt the need of a new strategic vision on the methods in which an organization communicates its messages in the business market. That is how the concept of global communications market appeared. It follows exactly the same purpose: to have the organization value the communications market potential, with a coherent strategy, which is subordinated to the vision and general objectives of marketing.

Step 5

No matter how you define these terms and the relations between them, it is a certain fact that for any kind of organization (profit or non-profit), the communication and the communicative mix are the key elements in marketing. The decisions of communication strategies are taken by the marketing department, from the level of top management, after some elements are being decided.


You have to know what is the organization’s mission, what does it want to achieve, who are its clients and what do they whish to have from the organization and how do you organize you team. You should also be aware of the general objectives of your firm, the purposes, which are the services that your company has to offer to the market and how do you allocate the resources.

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Communications marketing targets all these elements. It transmits on the market (even if in many times, not so directly), the mission of the company, its values, strategies and way of thinking- in a word, a certain image that should make a difference between the company and its competitors on the market. We can actually say, that for a company to succeed in what it does and to have a big profit, the most important thing that a manager should have in mind is to have a well prepared person in this area of marketing.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 02/28/2012
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