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6 Tips You Must Know About Strategy Marketing


In articles, interviews and blogs, top representatives of some medium and big companies talk about strategy marketing. The magazines and the business sites have permanent sections about those strategies, and people organize forums and events. Strategy marketing is about building a branding campaign, about having a good customer service and about e-commerce. Whenever we are talking about strategy marketing, we are talking about the methods used by companies to promote their products and to increase the incomes and sales.

Step 1

“We have a strategy marketing that is addressed to the public”. “We promote a strategy of reducing the costs”. “Our strategy marketing is to be Number One on the market”. “We propose strategy marketing methods for the online environment”. Those are only a few of the statements that you see on the specialized blogs. However, those statements have nothing to do with the real strategy marketing. Those are tactical objectives, and the strategy is used to achieve those objectives.

Step 2

The concept of “strategy marketing” has become an easy escape for any subject related to marketing. Sometimes, it has the role of increasing the prestige of the user, even if the effect could not be the one expected. Using the word “strategy” every day is now a syndrome, fragmenting the complex content of the concept. Strategy marketing does not mean advertising, or price policy, and it surely has nothing to do with the media mix used to promote the company.

Step 3

Strategy marketing implies for the marketing planner to create a strategic vision, to establish the objectives, to plan the steps and the directions, and most important, to make sure those ideas are implemented within the structures of the company. Considering each detail separately and forgetting about the whole, the strategy will almost certainly fail.

Step 4

The initial meaning of the word “strategy” comes from the Greek word “strategos”, which means “the art of the general”. What is so special about the work of the general compared with the one of a simple soldier? Well, the general is responsible for several divisions that fight on many plans, having multiple horizons and fighting several enemies at the same time.

Step 5

While the purpose must be divided into several tasks, the final objective remains to win, and this must remain the base concept of the general. With a strategy marketing planner, the principle is just about the same, with the difference that the battleground is now the modern media and internet world, and the soldiers are the employees of a company.

Step 6

Without a strategic component, the resources will be wasted for different useless activities, and even if they seem coherent and well planned, if they are not a part of the strategy marketing idea, they will have no remarkable result.


The role of strategy marketing is to identify the alternatives to approach the market in an operational context and to offer strategic options.

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Those strategies must be implemented on a larger horizon of time, of at least three years, and implies for the manager to have a direct vision that establishes the objectives for the employees that are a part of the project.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 02/27/2012
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