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Introduction To Marketing


People have engaged in marketing since time immemorial though such practices have only been come to be recognized recently as marketing. Several definitions have been put forward in introduction to marketing; each of the definition is concerned with a different aspect of this wide subject. A simple way of defining marketing is seeking for ways to benefit from creating value in the most effective means which are subject to ethical and other professional rules that govern the issue.

Aspects of Marketing

Marketing always involve several aspects that are contained below:

  • It’s a process that involves creating, delivering, communicating and exchange offerings
  • Its main objective is to create customer value
  • Marketing impacts the seller, the suppliers, clients and others who relies on the companies involved
  • It involves an exchange between buyers and sellers of both services and goods
  • Marketing creates enduring relationships between the buyers, sellers and others involved in the process

One of the main ideas that lead to marketing is the conviction that the seller will create something that is valuable to clients who will be willing to pay enough so as to make the effort of making the product and presenting it to clients worthwhile. Different firms add value in many ways such as manufacturing products with only the basic involved, other companies will add more value to their goods or services such as car assembly that sellers vehicles with burglar-proof devices. In introduction to marketing a firm may not necessarily be handling the product or service.


Introduction to marketing emphasizes on the fact that the issue of value must be looked at from several points of view. When it comes down to marketing issues, some clients will prefer certain product attributes more than others; this means that a particular item may appeal to some clients but not to others. Sellers may be surprised that certain clients may have preference of products that are perceived by others as low quality.

Under introduction to marketing issues, there are two main approaches. One is traditional as it involves selling of existing products. This concept to marketing has a philosophy that says if a product is not being purchased, then more aggressive measures must be taken in order to sell the product. The traditional concept to marketing of products that are less fast moving will go to all the necessary lengths such as prices cuts, hiring highly persuasive salespeople or more advertising.

Tips and comments

A practical approach to marketing focuses on acquiring what clients seek; this may mean coming up with entirely new products and services at whatever cost. If a firm loses out on recognizing the actual needs of the clients, they are highly likely to end up with products that clients don’t need anymore. An example to marketing effectively is seen in companies that have been in existence for centuries without losing touch with clients who are constantly changing in their preference of needs. Other examples of ineffective approaches to marketing can be witnessed in companies and facilities that were popular decades or centuries ago but are no longer heard of today or they have been relegated to the back burners such as the rail transport system and typewriters which have been overtaken by more modern technology.

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