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Any number of times a website is opened on the internet it makes a certain amount of money. In order to bolster the number of times they are used websites often have to advertise and market themselves as well. This is called search engine marketing. Search engine marketing optimization is when websites maximize their visibility on search engines like Yahoo! and Google, they can use paid placements, advertising and paid inclusion as a means. Search engine marketing optimization also includes optimizing web content by incorporating more specific key words or any links that have association with the website.


The internet started to pick pace during the 1990’s and the number of websites started rising. The OpenText engine was the first to start a paid search business model for its finances. It highlighted businesses products through a system of keywords. The search engine later adopted a similar strategy but it involved the pay-to-placement model and soon it introduced bidding for ad placements on a search page. Search engine marketing soon took shape of a lucrative business and more methods developed like the search engine marketing optimization. later changed its name to Overture and was later bought by Yahoo! in 2003. In 2000 Google to become part of the SEM scene when it introduced the Google Adwords and followed in 2006 and thus most major players became part of the scenario.


Search engine marketing optimization will help your website found more easily on the internet. There is little point in having a site that is untraceable or people have trouble getting to, the more your site is looked at the more people will be aware of the product or service that you are selling. The main features of search engine marketing and optimization include keyword research and analysis. This includes finding the most relevant terms for the sites and its products and making sure that it then pops up on search engines so that it generates traffic. The use of back end tools helps you understand and measure the success of your site, which of course helps improve rankings etc. Other features are paid inclusion etc. this is when the site pays a search engine to be included higher up in the search result page. Most search engines like Yahoo! use the pay per click type of fee which is more efficient.

Tips and comments

Tips for websites looking to start search engine marketing optimization include firstly, having a good clean code, that is the code of your website must be error free, if it does have an error the search engine will have problems moving through the site. Secondly, the quality of the word content of the website should be high; this will give your site a higher score and thus a higher ranking on the search page. Be informed about the way a search engine evaluates your website so you can improve. Good navigational links are essential because engines crawls through your site, archives and pages will help it navigate more smoothly and visit more of your site.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/22/2012
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