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Courses Marketing Majors Take


Completing business courses can lead students to exciting careers. Most colleges and universities require their business students to complete courses marketing. Some educational facilities allow students to concentrate in marketing. Marketing students must complete general courses, such as English. Once these general courses have been completed, students can focus on more advanced marketing courses, such as principles of marketing. Students who complete all courses can find a range of jobs. Examples of entry-level jobs for marketing majors include assistant retail managers, marketing coordinators and advertising account coordinators. These entry-level positions allow students to combine what they learned in school with practice. Experienced marketing professionals with ten years of experience of more can find even better opportunities. For example, experienced marketing professionals become directors and vice-presidents of companies. Some of these jobs pay over six-figures per year. More experienced positions may require more education. Companies may require a graduate degree in business or marketing. 

Principles of Marketing

It is not always easy to find the right customers. Conpanies must know how to match their goods and services with the best customers. Otherwise, companies can not make sales and risk going out of business. Marketing involves gaining customers who are ready and willing to make a purchase. Companies knew a strong marketing plan can make the difference in reaching or not reaching customers. Marketing students must be familar with principles of marketing. Principles of marketing courses explain how a marketing plan develops and gets executed. This courses marketing discusses how goods and services can satisfy a customer. Students learn about the main areas of marketing, including promotion. When goods and services are effectively promoted, customers become aware of theses goods and services and they make purchases. 

Consumer Behavior

Most colleges and universities offer courses marketing in consumer behavior. Companies survive by having consumers consider their goods and services. If a company does not have consumers, it can not stay in business for long. Consumers have expectations. Unsatisfied consumers will seek other companies when expectations are not met. They may tell other people about poor services. Any person seeking a career in marketing should understand consumers and their importance. Consumer behavior represents one subject for courses marketing. The course teaches in-depth information about what influences a purchasing decision, such as motivation and family life. Consumers may make a purchase and decide to return the products. The course examines these reasons, too. Marketing students may complete different types of examinations during the school year, including a final examination.


Reaching consumers can be a challenge for some companies. There are different ways to reach consumers. These ways include television advertisements, radio advertisements and billboards. These forms of advertising can be expensive and not give the best results. Companies seek the best ways to reach consumers for the least price. Advertising represents another courses marketing. Martketing students should learn about the best advertising methods and when to apply them. These students gain knowledge about advertising plan creation. The plan should reach the right consumers. Students learn advertising principles and guidelines. Professors and guest lecturers help students become proficient in advertising and explore entry-level careers, such as retail management.    

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