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Marketing Small Businesses


There are many small businesses in existence from all parts of the world. This is because people want to stand on their own and be their own bosses. Most entrepreneurs on the other hand fail in marketing small businesses. This is because they don’t understand the fact that marketing determines the level of success for these businesses. Marketing small businesses is an easy task and one should embrace the following facts in their success.

Step 1

The very first step to achieve proper skills for marketing small businesses is to get the attention of clients. Competition is always stiff for small businesses and one need to keep on fighting. The best way to reduce competition is by speaking to customers and making sure their needs are well catered for. This involves coming up with solutions for their needs and that makes the business stand strong.

Step 2

The other thing when marketing small business involves advertising. For small enterprises, one should make sure they don’t advertise like big businesses do. The aim of advertising is not to get the name of the business recognized but to draw more traffic to the business. Advertising for small business should include some offers now and then. This draws customer’s attention and they take chance with the offers.

Step 3

The prices of the products should be regulated and maintained on the cheap version. This is a great way in marketing small businesses. There are many customers out there who only care of the prices than the quality. For this case, small business entrepreneurs should provide smaller version of products that suits all customers.

Step 4

Other than offering the smaller versions, it is good to note that not every client is interested in cheap products. Marketing small businesses should also include the premium version products as well. This is because some customers prefer quality to price. It can be achieved by providing some comprehensive products. This is of great benefit as the business caters for both quality and price thus gaining more traffic.

Step 5

Working on the marketing methods that the competitors ignore is yet another procedure for marketing small businesses. Some of these methods could end up generating profits for the small enterprise. Such methods include placing small ads on postcards them mailing the same to customers.

Step 6

The methods used in marketing small businesses should also be clear to customers. This involves settling on the methods most purchasers use on daily basis. Such methods could include the Internet which offers great chances in social media. These methods lead to more clients noticing the business products whereas money and other expenses are saved.


In general terms, marketing small business could turn out to be the easiest task in a business. The best thing for entrepreneurs to understand is the importance of the target market in the business. Customers are the backbone of small business success, thus should always be the targets when marketing small business. These are the people who purchase the products and services offered in the business leading to growth and expansion of such businesses.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/01/2012
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