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Tips For Marketing Products on Ebay


Online auction sites have become a popular way for many people to buy and sell products. Selling new or used products on eBay is a nice way to earn money especially if you have little start-up capital for your business. Since online auction sites like eBay have numerous sellers, many of whom sell similar products, competition is very high. To get new customers and retain existing ones, it is important to use the right strategies when marketing on eBay.

Step 1

Have a marketing plan. To become successful as a seller, you must have a plan in place for marketing on eBay as it will help you position yourself as a seller. Your marketing plan should involve research of the products that you are selling to find out the right categories to list your items. When marketing on eBay, placing your items in the proper category is very important as it helps expose your items to more customers searching for the items you are selling. Read the eBay guides written by top sellers to learn tips and tricks to marketing on eBay and incorporate these ideas into your marketing plan. Use the marketing information posted on the eBay site under the "Increase Your Sales" and "How to Sell" links on the homepage.

Step 2

Provide detailed information on the products you are selling when marketing on eBay. Since eBay is an online auction, customers do not get to see the physical product or touch them. This makes it tricky to sell items to customers. Use words that assure the customer about the condition of the items they are planning to bid on. Mention all the features of the product and benefits of owning them. For clothing items, make sure you write the correct measurements to describe the clothing size accurately. Do not be vague about information on post sale issues like returns or exchanges. When customers know exactly what the deal is, they have more confidence about buying items from you.


Use visuals when selling products on eBay. One way of standing out from other sellers when marketing on eBay is to add high quality photos that accurately portray the products you are selling. Customers on eBay want to see what the products they are bidding on look like. Use a contrasting background to show the color of the product better. It is always best to post the photo of the actual product you are selling rather than posting a photo of an item that is similar but different in color. Take photos of the products from different angles and use close ups on certain features like logos or other identifying marks so that customers can tell whether the items you are selling are authentic and in the condition you claim they are.

Offer lucrative deals to customers. When marketing your products on eBay, it is essential to offer customers excellent value for their money. Use sales discounts, reduced shipping prices for large orders, and free promotional items when filling your customers orders. This is a great way to keep your customers coming back and helps to attract new ones from word of mouth and the positive feedback posted by your existing customers.

By Ineema Njongwa, published at 03/05/2012
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