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Design marketing refers mostly to the action one does to persuade people to buy his or her products, but as simple as it may sound, this field is studied at a much higher level. Nowadays, many people develop careers in marketing and they can work as a Marketing Manager, Junior Marketing, Marketing Specialist, On-Line Marketing Professional and marketing designer. The last mentioned plays a key-role in a company due to the fact that he is responsible with the creative department, promoting their goods and services to the public through illustrations, images, catalogues and the list can go on.

What You Need In Order To Become a marketing designer

The job of a design marketing person is very popular in America, for example, but not everybody can be one. A person who desires to develop such a career must have a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Marketing and Design or a similar field. A marketing designer needs to have good knowledge of certain software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe in Design, Illustrator etc. and he also needs to have some sort of artistic inclination. Besides those, he must have very good communication skills in order to keep a great relationship with the clients and apply to their needs.

Essential Job Functions

This job requires good marketing and PC knowledge. Above that, it is fundamental for someone to be aware of the responsibilities he has as a marketing designer. He must be able to take good decisions concerning design concepts, communication timing and workflow timing as project leader and conducting research. Among his key responsibilities are planning and creating product development projects, preparing reports for workflow developments, developing workflow for new and redesigned projects, interacting with the marketing team, producing materials for promoting the image of the company and developing marketing strategies. All these may not seem such huge impediments in order to be a great marketing designer, but the capability to do all these worth nothing without creativity. In conclusion, the person who looks for a job like design marketing must be a very creative one in order to satisfy the company’s needs.

Career and Financial Perspective

Companies are searching for marketing designers more and more. Some actually may search for similar positions such as Graphic Designer, 3D Artist or Creative Designer, which nonetheless are still highly quoted. These jobs offer many advantages both professional and personal. A marketing designer has the possibility to travel for national trade shows and design projects, and nobody can interfere with his work. The work can be criticized, but eventually he will still be able to do his job as he wants because he knows better what it needs to be done.

Concerning the salary, a person who works in this field is very well-paid. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics people who have this specialization earn an average of $52,000 per year, but if you are very capable and you aim for Manager, you could earn an estimated $64,000 per year. This position is very popular in economically developed cities, with a high rate in marketing.


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